Take and Deep Dive Into Your Sign and All Others.

Understand Your Hidden Hot Spots and Vulnerabilities inside and Out.

Shave Years Off of Your Astrology Studies. 


  • Astrology is not something reserved for the gifted elite.
  • Anyone can learn if it is taught correctly.
  • The sad thing is you may not be much closer to actually knowing how astrology works then you were when you started gathering information years ago.
  • That is certainly the case with most students I know, and even many teachers.
  • I will be teaching this system that concentrates all of your disjointed information around the power of the Zodiac itself, and how the planets, signs and houses are totally integrated and one.
  • From there, enormous confidence in what you say just naturally comes and gets conveyed through your readings.
  • Connecting this Integral Zodiac power to the important timing factors (Yogas, dasas, harmonic Charts, transits) and other vedic concepts (Elements, Gunas, Chakras, Purusarthas, Deities, Castes) MUST be the foundation of any vedic astrology practice.
  • These “Basics” are straight from Parashara
  • You should not even think about doing anything else before you understand Astrology as this Sacred practice and the Holistic Zodiac (Planets as House rulers, Sign and Houses) as the divine matrix through which our karma’s unfold

7 Weeks of Classes

  • A Video and Audio Delivered each Week
  • Homework assignment that you can do. Answers will be posted publicly.
  • Two Conference Calls

I will cover:

  • Each Planet as a house ruler for each Ascendant (7 X 12 = 94 Planetary combinations). You will get great insight into your chart when your “Week” comes up.
  • Important background on the nature of the Astrology Houses, per Parashara AND the nature of our Karma.
  • First Module of Certification Course (120.00 Value). Indian Culture, from the Vedas to Yoga to Astrology and Ayurveda (Available next Week)
  • AUDIO RECORDINGS: (Available Immediately)
  • Astrology Houses Class (120.00 Value)
  • 1st Classes on The Ascendant (360.00 Value)
  • Advanced Chart Reading Recordings (360.00 Value)

Value – Estimated @ 20.00/hour

  1. 7 weeks of classes – More than 10 hours @ 20.00/hour = 200.00
  2. First Module of Certification Course  – 6 hours = 120.00
  3. Astrology Houses Classes = 6 hours = 120.00
  4. The Ascendant – 18 hours = 360.–
  5. Advanced Chart Reading – 16 hours = 320.00 
  6. Total = $1120.00


ONLY 197.00 For the Training

Advantages / Convenience:

  • You get one class delivered each week that you can digest at your leisure.
  • There is no “schedule” each week, although there will be a conference call (or 2) that you can attend.
  • You have unlimited access to me in the forum, as I will answer your questions throughout the duration.
  • The classes are archived forever, so you will always have access to them.

ONLY 197.00 For the Training

Some Testimonials From the 2012 Course 


 Thank you! This course has been great so far. Sam offers great explanations of the planets, houses and signs and the classes build well upon each other. Though I’ve been studying jyotish for 6+ years, this course is helping my knowledge to solidify. I am especially happy with how the homework assignments challenge me to integrate all of the previous weeks’ studying, not just the current material. It was great to have the introductory class on Vedic science and philosophy, which Sam explained very well. I’m happy about how the explanations of the jyotish support my understanding of myself and my spiritual path as well. Above all I feel blessed that Sam is also a devotee of Amma, my spiritual teacher — I feel Her grace is with us in this course! I definitely recommend it. Jai Ma! Somya, servant-in-training at Planet Earth


This certification course in Vedic Astrology is an excellent course to gain deep and solid knowledge in astrology. The course is well planned and easy to follow. Sam is an articulate teacher and his teachings are well researched and backed with experience. His explanations are detailed and with examples. I have not only gained knowledge in the field of astrology, but I have also grown as a person along with understanding the planets and its effects on us. I would definitely recommend this course as it explains astrology by connecting us with reality. Geeta Ramakrishnan


I have found Sam’s astrology certification class to be effective and beneficial. It has exceeded my expectations and i have been very surprised that the depth of information that is available about the Vedas. As a teacher Sam is amazing in his ability to teach the important facts yet relate real life cituation into the program. The main thinks I have learned is the Anchoring Process with all the planets throught the signs. Also my writting is more consise thanks to Sams encouragement. Even though I have studied the planets and signs before I feel I have a much better understanding and level of mastery. I would definitely recommend the course because I look forward to these classes and Sams work and being a student when available to me. Wende Goodman


I have found Sam’s certification course to be the best course on Vedic astrology I have taken. Sam’s clarity in his teachings and breakdown of the these ancient principles makes understanding this complex and difficult subject attainable. Before Sam’s classes I studied Jyotish because I liked it but I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a professional astrologer as it was too hard for me to put it all together. Sam’s style of teaching and layout of the modules has made me think that yes even I can read another persons chart. On this alone I would highly recommend the course, but there’s even more reasons: the downloadable audios and manual as well. I can review, listen on my Iphone and read as often as I need to. I love taking classes in person so I didn’t think I would have the motivation to do this course but I found that I do and being able to review the videos and audios over and over is a big help. Plus there is an active forum and Sam will answer your questions there for real. Thank you Sam for decoding Jyotish for the 21st century.

 ONLY 197.00 For the Training

Sam’s astrology certification is incredible, not only is it affordable I am constantly elated by Sam’s quality and passion for this work. I started studying about a year ago and although I have studied before it has helped me have a stronger grasp of the basics, ensuring a much stronger foundation to stand on for in depth understanding. I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Sam! Kurt Huerta


Sam’s style of teaching his Vedic Astrology certification course is uniquely different. Your journey with Sam will begin with a solid foundation of the origin of Jyotish and its deep roots within the Vedas. This is a rare opportunity for one to immerse their self into this beautiful spiritual science. Whether youre a novice or advanced student of Jyotish or the Vedas you will gain tremendous knowledge that will be invaluable to deepening your awareness and understanding of your karmic path and the journey of the soul. Whether youre goal is to become a professional Vedic Astrologer or to discover your true Self, Sams certification course is for you! Come join Sam and interact with all of his students as we illuminate our lives. Blessings! Janet Scott (Meruputri)


I have been taking Sam’s class and find it very thorough and comprehensive. I really find his methodology very user friendly. He sends a synopsis of the class ahead of time and gives an hour and a half lecture which can be listened to again and again. He also has us answer a questionaire every week which we can also use to gauge how we are doing. There is an interactive form for all of us to engage in if we so choose. He has taken his time to make sure that the fundamentals are well understood, so that we can build upon this structure. It is like math, if you learn the principles well, then you can easily work out the math, if not, then you are completely lost. This was the trouble with me in the past, that the teacher flew past the fundamentals in four or five classes and then beelined thru predictions and analysis. I am very pleased and intend to take the follow up to this course next year. I am very satisfied with the certification course so far and look forward to each new week as it unfolds. Thanks Sam. Jeanine Ligon

ONLY 197.00 For the Training








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