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15-20 pages of forecasts,, and that includes the Full Moon and New Member_Forecast_-_Wednesday_January_22__2014_-_samgeppi_gmail.com_-_GmailMoon forecasts as well.

You can download February 2013 forecast for FR33 – This is what you get every months – as well as the videos explaining what I discuss.

In these daily forecasts I discuss the five things you should know everyday to stay in tune with the universe. They are:

The Moon sign
the Nakshatra
the Tithi
the Day Ruler
the Aspects to the Moon

This is the magic behind the madness of life and those who are keen to these vibrations flourish in life and those who are not keen to them are often in the dark. This is why Vedic astrology is called Jyotish (The Science of Light).

Thankfully you do not have to learn it all yourself in order to be updated and informed everyday. I make videos and now provide the written synopsis, in general AND for career, relationships and spirituality – each week – for each day of your life. So you too can be in the know.

  • I have been a Gold member of this site for about 6 months now. I look forward to every Monday when I get to listen to the forecasts for the week ahead – and as a student of Jyotish it helps me understand more about chart reading and how to synthesize all of the information. I also appreciate the new/full moon videos and that information allows me to set stronger intentions and be more connected to the cycles I am in. As a Gold member I also get to listen to the Universal Astrology Classes which truly helps my education go deeper and deeper. I also love the occasional specials and classes Sam offers at a discount for us members! I am very grateful for Sam and his dedication to his students.- Kara Lukowski, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, NY
  • Sam is a remarkable astrology instructor. Can’t say enough about his dedication to his work, very humble practitioner while executing perfection always. Often times humorous in his approach as well. His loving devotion is obvious to all who partakes. Its been a privilege to be involved as a member, have been for quite sometime. Really enjoy all of the variation of videos that is offered on astrological insights and transits. Cant wait to see his next one!Best wishes Sam,WendeAstrological student
  • As an avid student of jyotish, I find Sam’s member site an invaluable resource of information, knowledge, a source of inspiration and ideas to open my consciousness to a deeper level of understanding and awareness. Sam shares his experience and wisdom with us generously and provides practical guidance to help us embrace the sacred teachings. The weekly videos are always relevant, educational and direct to the point. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of jyotish, vedic philosophy, yoga and the yoga lifestyle, you will find Sam’s Member Site a treasure chest full of gems! It’s unlike any other “member” site ~ here you’re encouraged and supported by those who care and welcome others. It’s well worth the affordable price of admission. I highly recommend!Vanessah Keys, novice jyotishi
  • Sam’s service is remarkable! It helped me so many times, especially to find my job right now (of course God’s grace behind it…). I mainly know myself quite well from many years of learning Jyotisha and practicing Yoga. So I am more interested in the transits and Sam’s positive ideas of interpretations to understand my situations and others inner processes better and being able to support them along their growth. I would not like to miss this special gift.Swami Sivarupa
  • Sam has paved the way for all astrologers in this technological age. He has made astrology easily accessible to everyone and in a way that clearly relates the celestial cycles above to our day to day experiences on Earth. Bravo’Christopher Marcel BurnsAspiring Jyotishi
  • It helps me understand my life, myself and others… It definitely brings me a lot of important knowledge to improve your life and cope with the difficult moments…Jackie Kash

Start Your 14-Day Trial Now
(for 1 penny)

After that it is 39.95 for as long as you like
Cancel before two weeks and not be charged 


Sam Geppi:

Sam Geppi is a Vedic Astrologer, writer, teacher and author of “The Ascendant 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology” as well as regular contributor to various publications. He was recently appointed
the main instructor of the Astroved University of Vedic Sciences Certification Program. Astroved is the astrology school of Dattatreyya Siva Baba, an important guru to Wayne Dyer among others.
“Baba” personally selected Sam to teach this course to his students.

Sam has developed many home study courses for both beginning and advanced levels and recently developed the American Academy of

Vedic Art and Science Certification program. Sam holds the highest titles of Jyotish Kovid and Jyotish Vaschapati from the CVA
(affiliated with the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences) and is a level two instructor through the ACVA. Sam has more than twenty-five +years of Vedic study and experience.


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