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Bill Cosby | Isis | Sexual Scandal – Saturn in Scorpio

Filed in News by on November 16, 2014 • views: 15751

Bill Cosby | Isis | Sexual Scandal – Saturn in Scorpio  

Since Saturn moved into Scorpio there have been numerous event and stories in the news of disturbing sexual revelations – mainly related to sexual abuse.

Bill Cosby | Isis | Sexual Scandal – Saturn in Scorpio – VIDEO

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Bill Cosby | Isis | Sexual Scandal - Saturn in Scorpio

Bill Cosby | Isis | Sexual Scandal – Saturn in Scorpio

Bill Cosby Date Rape Allegations

There are now numerous allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. Many women are now coming out of the shadows to allege past abuses. There are too many to simply ignore.

Isis Capturing and Enslaving Women

it is being widely reported that ISIS has been (as a matter of doctrine) capturing and enslaving the wives / women of their enemies.

Jian Ghomeshi Non Consensual Rough Sex Allegations

This Canadian Radio celebrity was fired a few weeks ago due to allegations of sexual assault. He says they were all “consensual” encounters of rough sex. But there are many women now coming out of the shadows to claim they were also abused.

Honey Boo-boo Show Cancelled Due to Mom’s Involvement with Convicted Sex offender

The mother of reality TV star nicknamed Honey Boo-boo has had meaningful contact with a man who is a convicted sex offender – AND who assaulted her own daughter before.

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Saturn in Scorpio Transit

Scorpio is the sign of fears and vulnerabilities / obsessions, that can lead to diabolical behavior and perversion if not transformed into compassion and emotional strength. Saturn is the planet of consequences and time, but also of fear. Whereas Scorpio shows our imagined fears, like jealousy, paranoia, and lack of control. Saturn shows the tangible fears and consequences – loss of money, loss of health, actual death.

The higher potential of Saturn in Scorpio is revealed when we “get serious” (Saturn) about our irrational fears and the manipulations that result (Scorpio). This leads to the willingness to exist in solitude and face the reality (Saturn) that we only have control of our mind and heart (Scorpio).

The lower nature of Saturn in Scorpio can easily be seen by sexual assault, where we momentarily assert a counterfeit version of control over another.

What have you been controlling / abusing that you need to let go of?

For me, the real value in these moments lies not in a sort of “Rubber necking / outrage” over these celebrities / allegations. The courageous choice is to see how these same themes are UP FOR US AS WELL – and I assure you, they are.

Ask yourself a few tough questions.

What / who have you been controlling / abusing?
Does this feel like the time is up on this?
So, what now? What are you going to do to transform this?

For me it goes like this:
The last few years as I have been getting more and more students, I have been facing my need for control, out of the fear that “no one can do it as well as me”, etc. But I also have realized that this is holding back the growth of the school. So for the last year or so I have been hiring / empowering more of my students to do a lot of the work. They enjoy it and it frees me up energetically to create more channels. Now with Saturn in Scorpio these opportunities are even greater and I am being challenged to relinquish more and more levers of control. It is the “entrepreneurs disease”.

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  1. Ranjan Adhikari says:

    I am Leo Asc. with Moon-in-Scorpio ..Since Saturn transit into my 4th house ..I m having so much burden in my chest area and i am unable to sleep during night..I am confused that is this due to Saturn transit or someone is trying to play witchcraft with me !!!