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Vedic Astrology – Capricorn New Moon 2015

Filed in News by on January 14, 2015 • views: 29914

Vedic Astrology – Capricorn New Moon 2015

The Moon will be New in Capricorn on January 20 in the Nakshatra of Uttara Ashada. This 30 day cycle will revolve around themes of security, consequences and establishing structures that support your life – which hopefully revolves around a greater sense of meaning and purpose (after last month’s Sagittarius Cycle).

Vedic Astrology – Capricorn New Moon 2015 – VIDEO

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After a tumultuous cycle, we will be looking for more stability and commitment now for the next 30 days in this Capricorn phase of 2015.

In addition to having the sun and moon come together, both Mercury and Venus are close together, showing the desire and willingness for open communication, especially as it facilitates a deeper commitment to bringing stability into our life.

Mercury Retrograde on January 21
However, shortly after the new moon, on January 21, Mercury will go retrograde, showing the need to adjust our thinking and communication. The first part of that adjustment revolves around listening more closely to what we are being told, both by people and the universe / situations themselves.

The better able we are to pay attention to these messages, the better able we are to comprehend them correctly, then adjust our course. Mercury retrograde will be in the Nakshatra of Shravana, related to hearing and listening, Reaffirming this principle.

Jupiter is Retrograde and Aspecting
Both Mercury and Venus are aspected closely by retrograde Jupiter, which has us reflecting on our principles, and where those principles are taking us. Last month’s Sagittarius cycle, ruled by retrograde Jupiter, was indicative of the potential for calamity and destruction, based on our principles. We saw shocking terrorist activity in both Africa and Paris. We also witnessed a unifying aftermath of events in Paris, but not as much attention paid to the events in Nigeria. This smacks of racism and entrenched interests / politics being more of a motive than anything else.

Uttara Ashada Nakshatra 
This new Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Uttara Ashada, ruled by the Vishwa Devas, the universal forces that guarantee victory. Meaning, we are all victorious in certain areas of our life. We see this by the results we get and the commitments we make. Those things are prioritized by our sense of meaning and purpose (Sagittarius). However we use these universal forces and principles will determine the outcomes. Dharma (truth), Kala (time), Kama (desire) are just a few of these forces. This is the Nakshatra that transforms the beliefs of Sagittarius into the commitments of Capricorn.

Sagittarius Cycle Beginning on Solstice New Moon

I think it is good to revisit what I wrote last month, to see how it h Foras shaped the potential of this month. I discussed the intense transformational energy of the Solstice a few weeks ago .. and the update where I REemphasized the importance of this cycle.

As I said at the time:
New moons are time to release the toxins of the previous cycle, in this case the Scorpio cycle. This releasing is done in preparation for the next cycle, in this case the Sagittarius cycle… We are being challenged to release our imagined fears and emotional projections, which lead to controlling behavior (Scorpio), so we could embrace greater hope and possibility in Sagittarius. Once we realize we are not in control, and cannot manage our fears, we look for a higher solution and purpose.

We are being challenged to release the darkness and pain of the last six months / one year, on the solstice, the darkest night of the year. It could have been a time of physical fatigue, emotional/spiritual confusion, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, etc. All of these things, associated with the winter solstice, are in some sense designed to bring our ego to its knees, which leads to a “return of the light”, and embracing the “Devyana/Northern Course”.

Mula Nakshatra, where all of this happened, is related to planting seeds of truth, after uprooting the weeds of our entrenched habits and mistakes, which are preventing the process. This is the place where the fears of Scorpio are being transformed into the hopes of Sagittarius. But before any hope and faith can grow, we must uproot and destroy the weeds infecting our garden. That happens in Mula.

The Aftermath of This Transformative Event
This was a profound event that should have shifted something. You should be reeling a little bit right now, maybe even feeling a little confused, off-balance and questioning what’s next for you in some area of your life that needs work, at least if you are spiritually healthy. If not, you are probably doubling down on an old, worn out structure and philosophy in yourself / ego structure – in other words, delaying the inevitable changes in that same area of life.

I also mentioned on the Full Moon in Gemini

1. Are you sure what you believe in is actually “right”?
2. What “old” thing needs to be destroyed, in order to make room for “the new”.
3. Think back to 10 years ago, How are your beliefs now so different.
4. How would a greater sense of humor change the things you are stuck in?


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  1. Rose says:

    Thank you, the heart wisdom about aging was very grounding for me.