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Career – Entry 6/27/09

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Important Career Dates in June

June 21- Taurus – The moon in Taurus is good for connections to people in all ways, but it is also very good for creative things of all sorts and growing/improving what you have already started (Aries)

June 22-23 – Gemini – The moon in Gemini is very good for improving things through communication and the power of our communication skills. Computers, writing and all sorts of interactions with others can lead to growth and prosperity. Look for ways to adjust and improve today.

June 24-25 – Cancer – Today is good for connections of all sort – with people. There may be a babysitting quality to the progress you can make these days. Others may be quite emotional. If you can stay strong and solid you can prevail.

June 26-27 – Leo – Today is good for leadership and taking a high level of responsibility. Moving a project forward with inspiration, regardless of how you “feel” about it, will be the challenge today. can you stay inspired and consistent in the midst of chaos?

June 28-29 – Virgo – Today is good for doing the unpleasant tasks that must be done in order for growth to be achieved. Are you willing to suffer and serve your vision and do what it takes for what you want to manifest?

SUN IN GEMINI – The Sun in Gemini is great for communication and all sorts of interchange with others. Writing and taking on a new approach would be important now. Be flexible and open to changes and be ready to shift with them. Others may resist the changes you see, so be ready for their resistance also. Have a good answer ready and stay optiomistic.

Mars in Aries – A renewed sense of optimism and courage has invigorated us. We are ready to take on new issues and destroy things that have been making us weak. The transit of the sun through Aries last month paved the way for this newfound vitality. Now is a great opportunity for you to continue the advancements made while the sun was exalted. Pioneer spirit is alive this month.

Saturn is now moving in direct again and we are feeling more certain of our plans moving forward. We’ve been reassessing our responsibilities and commitments and feel better about moving forward on them. Certain illusions have been shattered and other patents have been clarified and opened up for us.

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