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Case Study on Edward Snowden

Filed in News by on January 4, 2014 • views: 2225

Case Study on Edward Snowden

This is a fascinating study of how the planetary transits line up with a birth chart. We can see this in the chart of Edwards Snowden

Case Study on Edward Snowden- VIDEO

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We can see this event unfolding by assessing the planetary transits. As we see, there’s a concentration of planets in the early degrees of Gemini in Edward Snowden’s chart. Mainly at about 1°, we see Mars and Rahu.4charts__1_page_

Story Breaks – June 5, 2013
When the story first broke on June 5, 2013 Jupiter had just gone into Gemini, and was directly on Snowden’s Mars/Rahu in Gemini. This is a clear transit indicating Jupiterian principles in the world (righteousness, vision and long-term truce) interacting with Snowden’s extremely rebellious (Rahu), courageous (Mars) intellectual nature (Gemini). The need to speak the truth and set the record straight is clearly shown here. Additionally, Rahu by transit was going over his natal moon, revealing him to be a shadowy and confusing figure.

Snowden Revealed – June 9, 2013
However, at that time, his identity was still concealed. It was not until June 9, 2013 that Snowden went public. This is clearly shown by the moon (to the planet of public persona) going into his first house and over those same planets in Gemini.

Court Decision – December 16, 2013
Approximately 6 months later, halfway through that lunation cycle, the “NSA issue” returned to prominence with  a federal court ruling that the spying/surveillance program was unconstitutional. Barely a week later however, another court ruled that it was constitutional. Regardless, these verdicts legitimized Snowdon’s cause much more. We notice Saturn right on his natal moon, and  retrograde Jupiter aspecting in his natal moon.

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