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Five Awake Planets Until September 16

Filed in News by on September 3, 2014 • views: 3781

Five Awake Planets Until September 16  

Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Mars will all be in their own signs until September 16. This is great, because they are all operating with full intelligence.

Five Awake Planets Until September 16  – VIDEO

Five Awake Planets Until September 16
Five Awake Planets Until
September 16
When planets are exalted or in their own signs they are called “Jagraad” or awake. Like everything, this must be balanced with the totality. But stated simply, an awake planet allows us to learn more easily from the mistakes we make. Whereas planets in lower dignity have a harder time seeing the truth. They are either sleeping (swapna) or unconscious/sleep (sushupti).

A planet in its own sign will be much more stable then even an “exalted” one. This is because the planets produce things, based on the houses they rule. When they are in their own sign, they are occupying one of their houses. Whereas when they are exalted, it is in a position other than where they rule which  usually creates a certain amount of stress, in order to “”wake up” the person.

Exalted Jupiter
This can show enormous devotion to our guru’s. Perhaps recently we’ve gone through some changes and deeper understandings of our teaching. Perhaps we’ve even changed teachers, preferring to look for ones that are more congruent with our heart, more inspiring to us. Now is a good time to act upon those inspirations. Deepening your studies and formal training is indicated. For instance, taking your love of astrology from information gathering into something more formal is definitely indicated now (and through July 2015).

Sun in Leo
Consistent power and action is the nature of the Sun, and Leo. Typically, we get knocked off our course, and lose sight of our long-term goals, based on momentary emotions and distractions. This powerful Sun in Leo is a great time to refocus and be re-energized by our inspirations. This allows us to build the kingdom we want, rather than rule over the one we inherited.

Exalted Mercury
Memorization is not mastery. We go through life gathering a lot of information and details, mistaking it for authentic knowledge. Yet, how well do we actually comprehend all the things we “know”. Now is a great time to double down on this whole issue. Both internally and externally. For example, gathering information about astrology, is much different than mastering it. If you cannot explain something, then you don’t understand it. On an internal level this has to do with recognizing the truth behind the stories you are telling yourself in your head. Ask yourself: “is this really true?”, “Is this all I’m capable of?”, “Is this really the reason I’m upset?”.

Exalted Saturn
Connecting your long-term commitments to the right people, and letting go of those people and situations that are not in your best interest, is important now. Seeing your role/mistakes in relationship – and being realistic about your strengths have been a major themes for the last couple of years. Now we get to view this process at a time when four other planets are also operating with high intelligence. The greatness of Saturn is it shows us what to commit to and what to let go of. This might sound like two separate things, but actually they are one. Every commitment to one thing is a releasing of something else.

Mars in Scorpio
Strengthening our emotional vulnerabilities and transforming them into strengths, deeper compassion and devotion is important now. Scorpio is a very devotional sign, committed to supporting and protecting others. Yet, sometimes this is a way to avoid our own weaknesses. Releasing control of situations, and others who catalyze them, is important now. It will be easy to summon the courage for this. But be vigilant about NOT being able to face yourself and instead fighting even harder against others.

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  1. Eric Lenhardt says:

    So concise and coherent. Very hard to explain all you did period, let alone in 10 minutes!
    Thank you, Sam, for your continued support and understanding. Peace.

  2. Gangadharan Nambisan says:

    Really,I appreciate,came to India studied Sanskrit which helped Geppy to study Indian scriptures thoroughly and lead him a great person better a saint.

  3. Pranjal Dixit says:

    Thank you Sam. I am feeling the stress being lifted from the relationship front as Mars has also left Saturn and Saturn also being in higher degrees to leave Libra. How good a horoscope will these planets make for a baby? Which is a better day?