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Full Moon in Taurus – Rohini Nakshatra – December 6 2014

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Full Moon in Taurus – Rohini Nakshatra – December 6 2014

The moon will be full in Taurus on December 6, 2014, in Rohini Nakshatra. The moon is exalted in Taurus, which draws great contrast to the new moon, which was debilitated in Scorpio.

Full Moon in Taurus – Rohini Nakshatra – December 6 2014 – VIDEO


Full Moon in Taurus - Rohini Nakshatra - December 6 2014

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This annual Sun cycle, through Scorpio, underscores the polarity/themes of the moon. The new Moon in Scorpio shows a dark, debilitated moon. Where as the full moon in Taurus shows a bright, exalted moon.

It occurs each year in the late fall, around Thanksgiving. Like all sun cycles, it starts with a dark moon, then the midway point is a full moon.

Full Moon in Taurus
This full Moon in Taurus is in contrast to the new moon that occurred in Scorpio couple of weeks ago. The new Moon in Scorpio showed a cycle of emotional vulnerabilities, and incidents/experiences that reveal them to us. Since the new Moon in Scorpio, here in the US, we have had two controversial legal decisions that call into question the relationship of the police to black people – and a system that does not hold them accountable for brutality and abuse of authority.

By contrast this full Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to clarify our values, and introspect about what we find most valuable in our life, both individually and socially. If our goals and desires are out of alignment with our core values a deep inner conflict arises, and our desires/appetites will be insatiable, maybe even perverse. Whereas if our values are congruent with our actions and desires, we can satisfy ourselves, and live a life of beauty and creativity.

Full Moon in Rohini
Rohini Nakshatra is ruled by the God Prajapati, the creator. This ancient Deity later became Lord Brahma, and his daughter’s Saraswati is related to Rohini. It is said Rohini was the most preferred of the Nakshatra’s, the favorite of Chandra, the moon god. This evoked jealousy in her other sisters. There may be a quality of envy and jealousy here, as well as possessiveness however, music art and and all forms of beauty are fulfilling and supported in Rohini.

Exchange Between Mars and Saturn – Jupiter Aspect
An important feature in the current sky also is the exchange between Mars and Saturn. This brings together structure and order (Saturn) with rebellion and destroying what is making us weak (Mars). Jupiter is aspecting three planets in Scorpio, as well as exalted Mars. This shows higher vision, teaching and purpose to be a guiding force in recent events, and in our lives. There is a high possibility that our teachings will benefit us at this time, as we navigate difficult terrain/perhaps even uncharted territory.

A Quick Story About Values:
Once there was a lady who was complaining about her marriage to a friend. She lamented “I’m so stressed out over my marriage that I’ve lost 20 pounds. I can’t sleep. I can eat”. The friend said to the woman “why don’t you leave if it’s so bad?”. Well, said the woman, “I want to lose another 10 pounds first”.

Like this, our relationships and life situations are a reflection of our inner state of mind and values. Although we complain about our situations, we stay in them, usually for self-serving purposes.

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  1. Candace says:

    I really enjoyed Sam’s explanation of the Horoscope as a Holistic Mandala, and how one’s particular chart only shows how CONGRUENT one is with the transit power that is happening NOW. Thanks for another informative video!