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Full Moon in Gemini – January 4, 2015

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Full Moon in Gemini – January 4, 2015

The Moon will be new in Gemini on Sunday – culminating in the full Purnima / Pratipada at 8:44 PM Pacific time. The actual Purnima happens at the first degree of Punarvasu Nakshatra, even though for most of the day the Moon will be in Ardra Nakshatra.

Full Moon in Gemini – January 4, 2015 – VIDEO

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The Full moon is the half way point in the current Sun cycle. In this case it is the midway point in the Sun cycle of Sagittarius – which began on the the solstice. I discussed this transformative shift / opening at that time in this article.

The Sagittarius New Moon began a 3o day cycle of renewed faith, hope and purpose – and demanded we let go/uproot entrenched habits and patterns as a way to make room for them.

A big part of this lesson is in looking at things with flexibility and discrimination (Gemini) in the interest of seeing the truth and what is not working about a certain area of life. Discrimination, curiosity and flexibility are all touchstones of Gemini and on the Full moon, these traits are to help us harmonize the faith inspired nature of Sagittarius.

Do not be afraid to challenge your teachings and the “sacred cows” that you have been believing in. Digging more deeply into those things and examining your *current* beliefs are an important part of making positive change.

The Ardra / Punarvasu Nakshatra Point
The Moon will be in Ardra Nakshtra for most of the Full moon day. Ardra is the Star related to Lord Shiva, in the fierce form of Rudra. It is this nature that transforms / destroys all things / forms, eventually returning them to a primordial, formless state. The next Nakshatra of Punarvasu shows a “Return of the Light”, after the intensity and destruction of Ardra.

A good analogy is a torrential storm, causing massive flooding and even death (Ardra) – but also delivering enormous purification. The citizens of ancient Egypt (and other cultures), waited each year for the flooding of the Nile, knowing afterward the rich nutrient dense soil would be deposited on its banks. After such a massive deluge there would be hope, growth and a “return of the light” – and bounty to the land. This is related to Punarvasu.

Jupiter Retrograde
The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is retrograde now – showing more introspection (and maybe confusion) about your path where you are heading with your teachers and what you think is possible.

Mars in Aquarius
Mars will move into Aquarius also on the Full moon day, showing a stronger alliance with social causes, and a willingness to defend themes that benefit us all, culturally. We may see more civil unrest in the US around the “Police Brutality” issue.

A Personal Story of Trust and Transformation

I remember in 2001, the last time I worked a full-time regular job. It was a sales job in computer audio software. I will never forget it. One day, I was on the phone with Steve from Phoenix, AZ, one of my Music store accounts, when the President of the company came up to me, looking ashen, and asked me (and everyone in the company) to go into the meeting room downstairs.

Within 10 minutes, an entire staff of 25 people were out of commission, and we all lost our jobs. Grown men were crying, having lost 100K / year jobs instantly.

As for me, I was shocked for about 10 minutes, and then I started to do the math in my head. “Let’s see”, I thought, “3 months severance pay, 6 months unemployment – I have about 2 years to set off on a new course in life”. And that is exactly what I did. Two years later I had a Yoga training and Jyotish training under my belt and was on my way to being a full time astrologer.

These current times are similar – with the same type of transformative energy running. We have to be ready to let go of what is NOT taking us to a higher vision now – or suffer the consequences – a life NOT worth living.

Are you living the life you were meant to live or are you settling?

4 Questions to ponder on the Full Moon in Gemini
1. Are you sure what you believe in is actually “right”?
2. What “old” thing needs to be destroyed, in order to make room for “the new”.
3. Think back to 10 years ago, How are your beliefs now so different.
4. How would a greater sense of humor change the things you are stuck in?

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