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George W Bush and The Libra Eclipse

Filed in News by on April 26, 2013 • views: 1387

George W Bush and The Libra Eclipse

We can see that all eclipses are not created equal as for some people it is the day where their life’s work is celebrated in rare fashion. April 25, 2013 was such a day for former President George W Bush.

George W bush and The Libra Eclipse – Video

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As we can see from the video above, there are many Raja Yogas in his natal chart which are activated by Dasa and fired off by the transits of the April 25, 2013 Lunar eclipse.

George W Bush’s Chart With Transits

When you combine those factors with the “Singularity Principle” of the eclipse, you get an amazing event that rarely ever happens: Having every living President of the U.S. gathered at the same place to honor one man.This video may be a little more technical than most of the general videos I produce. If you are interested in learning how to read astrology charts at a very high level you can get in line for my certification program – by filling out the form here.
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  1. Brigitte says:

    Video does not work

  2. Tom says:

    Fabulous lesson, Sam!! Thank you so much. There is alot to review and learn from in this.

  3. Call me biased but George Bush reads? Here in New York it's indelibly etched in our minds him "reading" a childrens book upside down as planes were flying towards the Twin Towers…and did nothing. Politics is politics and all the crows were out crowing for him. Yes anomaly is the word. 11 years of brutal war…argh.

    • kalika says:

      seems a strange 'coincidence' that one brutal liar and warmonger is being celebrated in US the same time as the obscene Margaret Thatcher, liar, thief, etc etc is being 'celebrated' here…….i suppose the main difference being that she insisted on having recognition and defined exactly how the day had to pan out………just in case no one came. Of course, no british public attended because we despise her

  4. Good reading just the same.

  5. yamah says:

    looking for 12 Ascendanta Full Moon Video. . . .

    best, yamah

  6. shirley says:

    Hi Sam, this is the first time writing to you. The eclipse on May 9
    2013 is my birthday. And it will be exact at 25 degrees just like my birth chart. What do you see for me. May 9th 1965 Binghamton NY at 6:06am.

  7. mac says:

    So, to understand…or contemplate, still failry new to all of this. G.W.Bush and many others may never meditate and "go deeper" to find The Self but the planets and the eclipse define or predict a unique honoring of them in their career. I am fascinated by this and at times believe it helpful to understand individual make-up and karmas but it seems incidental for the journey of the Self. Is this what you were referring to? The planets individuates us? Is this is the Play of Shiva?
    I'm of 2 minds. At times it seems helpful to know my planetary make-up. Other times it just seems to keep me separate. This off the top of my head. I have judgement (still) but the planets don't.

  8. Christine Ford says:

    This was so interesting. I had generalized that eclipses were foreboding. I am glad to know that is a .generalization on my part