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Guru Purnima – Vedic Astrology Full Moon in Sagittarius – July 3

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The full moon phase, Shukla Paksha 15 – Purnima, is from July 2 at 2:52 PM (Pacific) and ends on July 3 at 1152 (Pacific time) with Krishna Paksha 1, Pratipada. This full Moon is also Guru Purnima, falling in the Indian month of Ashada. It usually occurs when the Moon is full in Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, who is called Guru. The planets are not just named arbitrarily. Given that the planets are the creative forces in life (not just archetypes that refer to things people have thought up), the names given to a planet refer to what the planet creates. They create those material things (tamas) externally as an expression of their deeper psychological (rajas) and spiritual (sattwa) qualities.

Guru Purnima – Vedic Astrology Full Moon in Sagittarius Videos

– Quick Update from Amma’s Ashram

– More Lengthy Discussion About Jupiter and The Planets and Detailed Overview

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Jupiter is what creates the force of Guru within each of us – that which seeks to dispel  – “ru” –  darkness – “gu”. This notion comes to us when we have the feeling (rajas) of something bigger, more expansive, wise and hopeful (sattwa) than the pain and misery of the world and of the mind. Once this potential for something higher in us activates, we seek teachers and teachings that can explain the larger themes of life to us, beyond all of these problems – we seek Guru’s – dispeller’s of darkness.

Those teachers can come in many forms, some human – some non human. Also, there is no guarantee we will find *good* answers once we begin seeking. We may become attached to philosophies and teachers that are not enlightened at all. There are many “Bad Gurus” and teachings and seekers who are not evolved enough to notice until they have been exploited. That is why it is so easy to become cynical about the whole thing – especially in the West.

However, just because there are potentials for abuse and many examples of exploitation, our brave souls keep seeking meaning, teachings and teachers whose explanations fall in congruence with our sensibilities.

The Gemini / Sagittarius Axis
It is of utmost importance that our teachings and our teachers pass our litmus test and that their teachings make sense to us. The Gemini / Sagittarius axis is where we learn this. Gemini is the sign of inquisition, flexibility and intelligent inquiry. Sagittarius is the sign of faith and belief a higher power, and also a belief in what we’re told. Those are two distinct things that can get very blurry if we are not careful.

It is easy to believe in a higher force that created everything, because obviously we didn’t – and we have no idea how or what created the universe. Trusting in the higher power in an abstract sense is easy. But why should I trust what another says about the meaning of life and how it all got here and what to do about MY salvation? After all, I believed 100% in my parents and others and they were wrong, time and time again. I had to find my own answers eventually anyway – and went through a lot of heartache and pain due to their misguidance and, at times, downright exploitation.

Why should I trust what anyone else says? Can they explain how it all works, better than what is already working for me? How do I know that what this Guru is saying is right? These are the big Gemini questions – and they arise moreso when the Sun is in Gemini, like now.

Guru Purnima and “Feeling It”
Opposite that Sun in Gemini is the Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon is the heart, our connection to a deeper feeling that integrates our ideas and dissolves the sense of separation. When we feel a disconnect, it is from the Moon (in us) that we feel this disconnect.

On Guru Purnima, the heart is fully open and resonating with the Sagittarius vibe, the vibe of “trusting in the bigger picture”. The restlessness of the “Gemini mind” probing for answers and relying on information is fused with a hopeful and expansive heart with this full Moon. This is why of all the days in the year, Guru Purnima is the most conducive for feeling the real message of Guru, and it is not just about “blind faith”. No authentic Guru insists on that and no authentic seeker is hoodwinked by a teacher offering that.

Instead on this day the mind and heart, the Sun and Moon are in the best place to truly imbibe the Guru’s teachings – wherever you find that Guru.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra
The Full Moon happens in Purva Ashada Nakshatra, ruled by Apas, the Ocean. Purva Ashada means “earlier victory” and it shows the things we must do a t the start of a process in order to have success. This Nakshatra has to do with devotion and watering the seed planted in Mula Nakshatra. As I discussed the seed becoming a tree in the video, this Nakshatra is where the seed is cared for with love, in order for it to become a tree. Another symbol is the winnowing basket, where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Discrimination is necessary for this. There are very specific things you need to do if the seed is going to become a tree. So, true devotion is in putting the teachings into practice, as the Guru instructs. When we triumph in these “Earlier victories”, the later victories are assured.

Other Astrology of Guru Purnima 2012
Jupiter / Ketu / Venus in Taurus – There is a lot of scrutiny of teachings and teachers now with this placement. We are challenging our own entrenched beliefs, even though of us who may have been with the same teacher for a while. Are we really growing and going deeper? Yet the Venus / Ketu influence shows a deep, deep gratitude for what we have learned and appreciation for all. This is a very devotional placement.

Mars / Saturn conjunction in Virgo – Both of these planets are interested in destroying weakness and are willing to suffer through the process of making us stronger, so there may be a lot of painful reckoning now with a certain area of life – or maybe many if you have several planets in Virgo.



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