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Hemming in the Sky for the Next 2 Weeks

Filed in News by on December 16, 2014 • views: 22789

Hemming in the Sky for the Next 2 Weeks

There is a unique configuration in the sky at the moment – that will persist for the next 2 weeks. This will show the Moon either joined a malefic or hemmed by malefics, during that time.

Hemming in the Sky for the Next 2 Weeks – VIDEO


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Hemming is a very important principle, which affirms the concept of the “holistic zodiac”, how one sign leads to another.

For example, it is useful to see and understand how the sign of Libra is the culminating principle of Virgo and the origin principle of Scorpio.

This concept can be mapped over into houses as well. In many ways, it can also be applied to the planets and the planetary order.

For the next couple of weeks notice the difference between when the moon joins a difficult planet, and when it is hemmed between them.

For example, the moon will join Rahu,  then be hemmed between Rahu and Saturn.
Then it will join Saturn, then be hemmed between Saturn and Mars.
Then it will join Mars, then be hemmed between Mars and Ketu.
The join Ketu.

Woo hoo-hoo!

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Comments (11)

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  1. Deb Norman says:

    I think what Chrissy is saying is the terminology of vedic is very foreign if you are trained in esoteric or exoteric astrology. She understands the concept but is confused by the different names. Like rahu if u put its western name in brackets next to it so others can learn this language. Just a thought. Could be wrong.

    • Sam Sadasiva Geppi says:

      Hi Deb,
      I understand what you’re saying. I know most of the well-known Western astrologers and the tone and terminology here would generally not confuse them.

      Rahu and Ketu are the North and South Nodes.. I understand that students get a little confused with some of the Sanksrit terminology I may have used in this video, but the concepts are pretty easy .. (hemming, between planets) and I break it down and explain it simply ..

      But for students (as opposed to astrologers) I could see how it may be confusing.

      One note, and even you are saying it .. “if you are trained in esoteric or exoteric astrology” .. does that mean “trained professionally” (meaning, you actually have a practice, where you see actual clients, etc.), or does “trained” me you take classes and look over articles, etc.?

      So often, in the West especially, students call themselves “astrologers”, and it is really not correct .. It is like a person who has been looking at medical books (maybe even for years and years) calling themselves a doctor – even though they have not graduated from Med School, have done no internship, no independent research, have no regular practice, etc.

      All of it is OK to me, (whatever stage of learning you find yourself) but i think it is important to dignify astrology and professional astrologers, just like we would any other profession / professional.

  2. eliana says:

    Sam, I am a virgo…what are the things I should benefit from?

  3. mac says:

    Thank you for the explanation…wondering about someone expecting their first child during this period. Of course that is an emotion-filled event with many concerns no matter what. Would hemming portend difficulties?

  4. Jeric says:

    If a person has a papa kartari yoga in their natal chart, how does it really affect them in the first place? I have Libra Lagna containing Sun + Mercury. With asc Lord Venus in 2nd house with Saturn. And having Mars+ Ketu in 12th house Virgo. How does that affect me really? Does Saturn still cause the papa kartari yoga even if it’s a yogakaraka for a Thula native, especially when it’s sitting with the asc Lord?

    • Sam Sadasiva Geppi says:

      Yes, it really works.
      No you do not have it.
      This is not Papa kartari – as Venus is with Saturn.
      it has to be ONLY malefics (or benefics with Shuba kartari)

      • Jeric says:

        Ah okay thanks. To be more specific, what if Venus is the GnatiKaraka being hemmed between Saturn and Sun debilitated? Does that cause Papa Kartari Yoga, or any type of challenges?

  5. TwoWolves Stone says:

    It never fails Sam. Anytime I feel as though there is a feeling ,very emotionally noticeable, your readings explain the reasons of these emotions.
    Thank you
    Two Wolves

  6. Debra Mehr says:

    I’m with you Sam in regards to spiritual counseling. However, I thank you for bringing the Moon’s position over the next two weeks to my attention. And it makes perfect sense!! Enough so that if you don’t mind I am going to share this observation with others. A very interesting phenomenon easily missed by the majority. Often times a chart is looked at as a single tree and forgotten is the forest! Moon’s transit with its emotional sensitive effect is always important to follow.