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Implications of the New Moon and Solstice Converging on the Galactic Plane

Filed in News by on December 20, 2014 • views: 28438

Implications of the New Moon and Solstice Converging on the Galactic Plane

The recent new Moon / Winter Solstice was a unique and rare thing. Both the New Moon and the Winter Solstice are times when we are challenged to release aspects of the old paradigm, in order to embrace the New. Currently the Solstices occur on the Galactic Plane, which in itself is very transformative.

Implications of the New Moon and Solstice Converging on the Galactic Plane – VIDEO

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The plane of the galaxy was called the dark rift by the Mayans, and is the source of enormous amounts of power and radiation. If it weren’t for the Suns Helio sphere, our planet and solar system would receive toxic amounts of radiation emanating through the galactic plane.

For the last 35-50 years or so the solstices have occurred as the sun aligns with the galactic plane. This phenomena mirrors what we observe happening to life on earth: accelerated growth, accelerated progress, existing hand-in-hand with accelerated destructive potential. Both light and dark are in stark contrast each other now as a recent 25,600 year processional cycle has reset/is resetting.

The Recent New Moon on the Solstice in Mula
The recent new moon on Sunday, December 21, which happened only a few hours before the winter solstice brought together these two highly transformative moments. New moons are time to release the toxins of the previous cycle, in this case the Scorpio cycle. This releasing is done in preparation for the next cycle, in this case the Sagittarius cycle.

So, literally, on Sunday we were being challenged to release our imagined fears and emotional projections, which lead to controlling behavior (Scorpio), so we could embrace greater hope and possibility in Sagittarius. Once we realize we are not in control, and cannot manage our fears, we look for a higher solution and purpose. On Sunday night, we were in the thick of that pretty deeply (which has nothing to do with the solstice).

But in addition, we were being challenged to release the darkness and pain of the last six months / one year, on the solstice, the darkest night of the year. It could have been a time of physical fatigue, emotional/spiritual confusion, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, etc. All of these things, associated with the winter solstice, are in some sense designed to bring our ego to its knees, which leads to a “return of the light”, and embracing the “Devyana/Northern Course”.

Mula Nakshatra, where all of this happened, is related to planting seeds of truth, after uprooting the weeds of our entrenched habits and mistakes, which are preventing the process. This is the place where the fears of Scorpio are being transformed into the hopes of Sagittarius. But before any hope and faith can grow, we must uproot and destroy the weeds infecting our garden. That happens in Mula.

The Aftermath of This Transformative Event
In this modern world, of blogs and video updates there is a “what’s next?” Feeling to everything. But you should reflect and understand the magnitude of what just happened. This was a profound event that should have shifted something. You should be reeling a little bit right now, maybe even feeling a little confused, off-balance and questioning what’s next for you in some area of your life that needs work, at least if you are spiritually healthy. If not, you are probably doubling down on an old, worn out structure and philosophy in yourself / ego structure – in other words, delaying the inevitable changes in that same area of life.

The Winter Solstice / Northern Course is the Actual Makara Sankranti
This profound event also coincided with the actual so-called “Makara Sankranti” in Vedic Spirituality. But due to a failure to understand the astronomy, it will instead be falsely celebrated in January, when the sun enters sidereal Makara. This is a terrible mistake that has been perpetuated for 1500 to 2000 years. and it needs to be corrected.

That celebration was to Indians, basically the same one we in the West celebrate roughly as “Christmas and new Years” – the re-birth of the light / the Sun, etc. –  But the Indians actually got it correct. They celebrated it on the actual solstice, but no longer do because they are using it to celebrate Sidereal Makara, rather than the Northern Course.

We know about this celebration, and its timing, mostly from a text called Brihat Samhita, from the ancient astronomer, astrologer and revered scholar, Varahamihira.

From Brihat Samhita (500 AD):
“There was indeed a time when Dakshinayana began from the Middle of Aslesha and Uttarayana from the commencement of Dhanishta. For it has been stated so in ancient works.

At present, Dakshinayana (Southern Course – first day of Summer) starts from the beginning of Cancer and the other (Northern Course – Uttarayana – first day of Winter) from the initial point of Capricorn. This actual fact, which goes against the old statement can be verified by direct observation.”

Notice he says, “at present Dakshinayana starts,…”. He is making it clear that in earlier times the Northern and Southern courses happened in Nakshatras that were in higher degree than at the time of his writing. Thus, instead of zero Cancer and Capricorn, the Summer and Winter Solstices were happening when the Sun was at least 23:20 (0 Dhanishta – middle Aslesha) of their respective signs – a time at least 2000 years earlier (approximately).

As we can see, and can measure scientifically, 1500 years ago, the “Return of the Light” coincided with the Sidereal Zodiac and Tropical Zodiac both at 0 Capricorn and Cancer – just as thousands of years earlier it happened when the Sun was in the middle of Cancer and Capricorn. Currently, Uttarayana happens when the Sun is in the middle of Mula (6:40 Sagittarius) Dakshinayan happens at 0 Ardra (6:40 Gemini).

To celebrate Makar Sankranti on January 14, 2015 would be to repeat a 1500 year old mistake – and miss the opportunity we just had, to celbrate it at the correct time.

The Courage to Question – Vedic Sciences Are Not Religions

I have brought this mistake up for several years now, and often I am met with people who get offended that I would dare question “The Sastras”, “the Traditions”,…etc. The Sastras are correct. If we listen to Varahamihira, and what he is clearly saying, we would be celebrating Makara Sankranti on the Solstice, not when the Sun enters Sidereal Capricorn.

– Read the full article on this subject here:

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  1. Jeric says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been feeling very annoyed and felt like I needed to change something from within to change my life recently since Sunday. Like I was finally beginning to be shown I was stuck when my car’s exhaust broke and now can’t really travel with it anywhere since I don’t even have a dollar to fix it. Well at least that’s at the crux of it anyway, really just need to change something from within, like I need more fire and drive to succeed to get that stability and life path, that’s been bugging me since Sunday. So thanks so much for clarifying this for me and the most appropriate time. And I wish you a really joyful Holidays Sam!

  2. mac says:

    Amazing…wow…lots of anecdotal stories lately in my life but basically have said this week that it feels different and confronting what that means. All the things I would be doing are not happening…most certainly feels like a new time. Mula…sounds trivial but something happened to a favorite house plant with special significance for me. Honesty & forgiveness. Thank you again for your inspired video, a precious gift this season. Shanti Shanti Shanti.

  3. Naman Yash Goyal says:

    amazing in depth knowledge served in a simple way…thanks for all these amazing videos and insights you share…during this i started my guru mantra chanting again…

  4. Naman Yash Goyal says:

    Just watched it all over again! AMAZING STUFF! return of the light, Varahmira, makar sakranti being celebrated on a wrong date! SUPER DUPER STUFF MAN!!

  5. Johnnie Walker says:

    Wow. Sam. Thank you so much for this forecast. This winter solstice, I was invited to a dinner that night and told straight at my face, you get to live with the choices you make in your life. So choose carefully. It couldn’t have been that much clearer. I was also having these feelings of letting go of certain people in my life, especially after seeing that they weren’t contributing to my own individual or spiritual progress, especially considering that Sagittarius is my 9th house. Same with the case of habits, that I am FINALLY confronting right now. It was interesting to see you describe the tendencies as habit gravity. God Sam. You always throw light on what is really going on. Can’t thank you enough.

  6. Satish Pasupathy says:

    Loved it. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and hope i can wake myself up 🙂