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Jupiter Retrograde until April 2015

Filed in News by on December 7, 2014 • views: 19814

Jupiter Retrograde until April 2015

Jupiter defines our principles and philosophies and the things that inspire us. When he goes retrograde we reflect on our current teachings, inspirations and where they are taking us.

Jupiter Retrograde until April 2015 – VIDEO


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The Sanksrit name for Jupiter is “Guru”, which literally translates to “remover /destroyer of darkness”. It also means “heavy”, which describes the weight and gravitas of our important teachings, and how they take us deeper than just the surface of things, or at least they should.

As such Jupiter themes give our life a trajectory. Whether in the form of our religion and beliefs, and those who teach us, or things like our children, when we interact with Jupiter, questions of meaning and purpose prevail.

Jupiter themes also refer to the hope and optimism we have for the future. We tie a lot of hopes up in our children. But those hopes can also lead to pressure, that we place on them. The same is true with G-d and religion – our teachers and the things that inspire us. We look to those things to be our salvation. But like anything else, the meaning and purpose of our lives, and what inspires us, must come from an authentic search from within.

Jupiter and the Hope / Disappointment Cycle

Jupiter is not only related to optimism and hope, he is also the disappointment that follows when these things are tied up in some external form. Teachers not only inspire us, they disappoint us. The same is true with children, lovers, and anything else external that we had “high hopes” for. There is nothing wrong with that, unless we resort to blaming those people and / or situations that disappointed us.

Instead we need to take responsibility for this process and look within to find the true source of hope and inspiration, our own hearts. Nothing is going to save us, until we are willing to take responsibility for our own salvation. Only then can a great teacher even begin to work on us. Until that point we are not even looking for a teacher / master – we are looking for something like Santa Claus, or a mommy/daddy figure.

I see / hear of this all of the time in my experiences with “Spiritual” people and their hopes for life. Most of them are seeing Gurus because they want to be happy and feel protected from their fears, not because they actually want to learn and grow (which means “grow up” as well). 

Retrograde Means Introspection

When planets go retrograde their energy moves backward in us, opening us internally. As such, the things we were leaning on externally (perhaps like a crutch), become confusing – they fail us – and we are left to search our inner landscape for the pure version of that thing.

In the case of Jupiter, our teachings, Gurus, perhaps children – and the hope we projected onto all of those things, will seem less certain for a time. Also, the things ruled by Jupiter as a house lord, will also be thrown into doubt.  These doubts cause you to look within and deepen your internal connection with them. Jupiter winds up being retrograde close to half the year. Meaning, we are meant to be spending close to half of the time reflecting on, integrating and internalizing our teachings, not just proselytizing them.

Authentic hope and teachings will be important now, not the immature fantasy projections you have dumped on your teachers.

  • Notice the disappointment you have with the things that were inspiring you.
  • What do those disappointments say about you and what you are lacking?
  • Will those disappointments serve to make you bitter or inspire you to true greatness?

You get to decide.

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  1. mac says:

    Insightful to look into my disappointments during this time. How revealing!

  2. mac says:

    + Jupiter in 12th house of Libra with aspect from the Moon in Cancer…so learning from what feels like loss. Long ago a Teacher told me I lacked commitment to follow a consistent path. Is that a lack of effort or seeing all paths as equal? I do like to meander to see what I can see.

  3. Jaiganesh Iyer says:

    Sam, can u add me in fb pls? I need to contact you for a mysterious thing..