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Love – Entry 6/27/09

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Important Relationship Dates for June

June 21- Taurus – The moon in Taurus is generally good for relationships as the moon is exalted here and looking to connect. Pleasing our partners is the fast track to happiness in relationships and today we can do that.

June 22-23  Gemini – These are good days for communication of all sorts – certainly this includes communicating in your romantic relationship. Listen carefully and adjust to w2hat your partner has in mind as well. Make adjustments and adapt.

June 24-25 – Cancer – These are good days for connecting on a deeper emotional level and bonding through that experience. Be careful with emotional co-dependency.

June 26-27 – Leo – These are good days for rekindling the passion in a relationship, but there could be a seflfish nature seen as well. be careful of stubbornness and a demanding nature. be ready to apologize if you misstep.

June 28-29 – Virgo – These are good days for communication as well as service to the other. Doing a project together could be a very rewarding experience.

Venus in Aries

After being exalted since the end of january, Venus moved into Aries at the end of May. The time of compromise and trying to work on personal relationships and pleasing another came to a screeching halt at that time with a strong emphasis placed on meeting our personal needs – not trying to compromise with our partners. Venus in Aries until early July (June 29) is joined Mars, who is very powerful there.. bringing even more emphasis on defending personal space, not giving it up to others.

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