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March 2015 Vedic Astrology

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March 2015 Vedic Astrology

The solar eclipse in Pisces on March 20, shows a deep portal into the creative and mystical. March 7-12 will have us contending with the difficult stretch between Virgo and Scorpio

March 2015 Vedic Astrology – Video

March 1-3
March begins with a deep connection to the heart, as the Moon joins retrograde Jupiter in Cancer. The moon is the ruler of cancer and Jupiter is exalted here, showing both of these to be beneficial influences. This is a good time to connect the heart with your teachings, higher principles and philosophies. However, Jupiter has been retrograde this year, showing these things could be a source of confusion at the moment.

March 5 l-lion-lamb
Personal self-will and motivation will be an important theme today, as the Moon is full in Leo. Full moons provide a contrast to the current Sun cycle. In this case, the focus on self-will in Leo is in contrast to the greater 30 day lesson happening in Aquarius. That lesson has more to do with selfless service than our individual power. Connecting our desire to shine personally, with a larger cause is important now. This may lead to some emotional frustration today, and we may feel buried by bureaucracy, culture or institutions not worthy of our attention. However, maintain your dignity throughout this process.

This full moon happens in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by the God Bhaga, the God of delight. Deep inside we all want to share the thing we love the most, rather than hoard it for ourselves. This generosity must be a driving force today.

March 7-12
Moon either joined a malefic / stressful planet or hemmed between them for this week
. The moon will join Rahu, the North node, March 7-8, showing a distortion and exaggeration of our emotions / emotional problems. March 9-10 shows the moon hemmed between Rahu and Saturn, where these distortions lead to a fear of consequences. Then on March 11-12 there may be stasis and depression. In the middle of this, a deeper challenge to calm our heart is needed. In particular, a connection to the breath and immersion in devotional practices are key.

March 14
Saturn turns retrograde today in Scorpio
, and will remain retrograde until August 1.  Saturn is retrograde almost half of the time, showing we are in a state of flux close to half of the time relative to our long-term plans, the area of life Saturn rules. Scorpio areas of life are also affected. There is a heightened sense of security and strengthening our vulnerabilities for the next 2 years. Between now and August you need to allow space for new plans to formulate. Facing down your imagined fears will bring more clarity to your plans.

March 16-17
A sense of hope (Jupiter) and effort (Saturn) come together now with the Moon in Capricorn aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. These two outer planets shape our life purpose and our capacity to sacrifice for that purpose. However, you may feel in flux around these issues as both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde now, but this is normal. Go inward to find deeper answers. Face your past mistakes toward an improved future.

March 20
The first Solar eclipse of 2015 happens on the New Moon in Pisces, joined Mars and Ketu today. This eclipse / New Moon will clarify and challenge our beliefs and spirituality, Pisces themes. When Sun and moon come together, near the Node, an eclipse results, which shows a momentary disconnection / darkening of our power source (the Sun). This literally leaves us feeling in the dark, tempted to pursue a shadow side / quick fix spiritual solution – escapism, drugs or other impure outlets come to mind. Be careful of this lazy, cynical option during the next 30 Days.

The eclipse happens in Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra, ruled by the God Ahi Bhudnya, the celestial serpent. This is a divine cosmic force, related to clearing the last bit of dirt that is blocking the soul’s liberation.

March 24-25
The moon will be exalted in Taurus now and aspected by Saturn, showing creativity and connection to the heart. The Moon is exalted in Taurus because it is where the ever-changing emotional waters of the Moon rest, in the sign of fixed earth. The aspect of Saturn brings more commitment to lasting forms of creativity and a willingness to look deeper for lasting forms of happiness and peace.


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