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Mars and Mercury Continue the Dance Until July 2015

Filed in News by on April 28, 2015 • views: 58243

Mars and Mercury Continue the Dance Until July 2015

A computer is not smart, it is efficient. It is logical. It is a machine. Like all machines (mechanical or otherwise) it works because one part is linked strategically and logically to the next part. Machines work because someone has intelligently organized / arranged / designed (Mercury) a series of events / steps in order to achieve an outcome. Those steps are based on “Principles/Laws” like gravity, acceleration, heat, etc.
Mars and Mercury Continue the Dance Until July 2015 – May 3, 2015 – Video


Principles are related to Mars. Principles work. They are facts that we need to contend with. They lead us to logical conclusions. “Fire is hot so we must be careful with it otherwise we will get burned”. “Knives are sharp and may cut our flesh and make us bleed to death”. “That tiger wants to eat me, so I need to destroy it or hide from it”.

For the machine to work, one correct thing MUST follow the next and/or be organized in a way that adheres to those principles. There are no exceptions to this – no wiggle room. There is a right way and a and wrong way to build a machine – if we are going to have it working properly.

Designing a machine takes intelligence, but the machine itself is not smart. It was created by intelligence and it is meant to serve intelligence. Turn on your computer, then do nothing else. What will happen? Nothing will happen.

As you can see, whether it is a mechanical device, like a wheelbarrow, or an electronic device, like a cellphone, the machine itself does not think and cannot be anything other than what it was designed to be – Unlike Intelligence, Which is Always Looking to be MORE – and to improve upon what has already been created – the things of Mercury.

If you want to get something done, (Mars/Action) build a machine to do it. but you will need to use your intelligence (Mercury) to figure out how to build it.

Your Brain Functions EXACTLY Like a Machine
Modern Neuroscience now realizes that the mind itself functions like a machine. In fact you could just call it a machine – an incredibly powerful one. Of course it is more than that, but at the base of your mind is the most amazing machine there is .. and here is the thing, it controls YOU mechanically. This is why you have things like “Pavlovian” responses to things that you (your higher intelligence) cannot control.

Our brain has “hard-wired” responses to many things, prioritized on survival needs first – Mars and Saturn things. This “hard wiring is called “myelination” – it is like a hard wired responses / machine deeply embedded in your brain. Modern systems like NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) exploit this quality of the brain, by re-programming a new set of hard-wired responses into the brain.

The part of the brain that functions like a machine is called the “R-complex” or (Reptile complex” brain. It controls your autonomic bodily functions, like heart beat and respiration. Basically, it is the mechanical part of your brain that keeps you alive, mechanically – by making sure you are breathing and your heart is pumping – also by regulating things like temperature, etc. It is old wiring, but also the most important.

Depose The Reptile in Charge!
We walk around thinking that we are in our “higher brain” – that we are the intelligent one behind the scenes, controlling the machine / the brain – but time and time again behavioral science tells us this is just not so. We are many times more likely to be motivated by fear and protective anger, and have it overwhelm our intelligence and choice, (Mercury) than we are motivated by intelligence or the promise of joy, happiness and light.

We are meant to be learning from life experiences, and when we do, the body and it’s power becomes the great machine our Soul uses as its vehicle for enlightenment. Then the black and white nature of Mars becomes aligned with Actions, correct actions. We do the right thing, rather than try to fearfully protect ourselves from people and other “perceived threats”.

In the next couple of months Mars and Mercury will continue to dance together and illuminate these the counterfeit relationship we often have with intelligence.

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