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Mars Direct – Venus / Ketu in Taurus – War on Women?

Filed in News by on April 15, 2012 • views: 2568

Venus and Mars are Big Players Right Now. War on women or women’s values. Trayvon Martin.

Mars just turned direct last week, after being retrograde since January – and Venus / Ketu is setting the table for deep social probing. Women’s issues – race issues –  distribution of wealth are all front and center.

In particular, Mars has been in Leo, a sign of principles, where we are always aspiring to the highest duty and act from a place of power. These things have been confusing since the end of January when Mars went retrograde. We have been reflecting on what is worth fighting for – where do our highest priorities, principles and highest good lie. With Mars direct we are feeling more confident now, after having reflected on these important issues.

Mars in Leo – Venus Ketu in Taurus Video


In a general sense Mars is where we draw a line in the sand, and where we are willing to fight for principles and do battle based on how much suffering is being perpetrated against others and how much suffering we are willing to endure in order to set things straight. This is the nature of the Tamasic planets. They give us the strength to fight for what we believe in, regardless of how good it feels or how many enemies we make in the process.

Mars likes to win, and is well aware of the adage “nice guys finish last”. But this can be dangerous, if we have not “upped our game”. This is why we have to choose our battles wisely.

And let’s just be honest, we all feel good when we win a battle. How we love our war stories, reliving our victories. There’s no need to feel guilty about this, we just need to be careful.

Have you had a “take no prisoners” attitude since the weekend?

Venus / Ketu in Taurus

Have you noticed the importance of women in the political rhetoric lately? Last week a Democratic advisor made a comment that the wife of likely Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, “never worked a day in her life”. This occured as Venus / Taurus were almost in exact conjunction (and Mercury was debilitated), and it touched off a firestorm, because Ann Romney chose to raise five boys – and raising children is plenty hard work. This re-ignited what many democrats call the “War on Women”, a phrase used to describe recent points of view from Republican candidates for president, and other prominent Republican lawmakers, over the last several months.

Regardless of which side you come down on these issues, they are unmistakably related to Venus (women, respect, values) and Taurus (family, values) and Ketu (scrutiny and focus). Of course at the heart of the debate with Mrs. Romney and the Democratic counterpoint is money. it was quickly mentioned that Ann Romney never had to make the choices working Moms make, who have to do the child rearing AND earn a living.  Taurus an Venus are also about money.

It should be interesting moving forward to see how these cultural “family values” issues play out – especially once Venus goes retrograde.

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  1. T.S. says:

    All I know is that a 2 days after Mars went direct I got a gym membership something I was dying to get but did not have the time due to studying for my license exam and all that and now that it's direct I have crazy energy at the gym and I needed it this stuff is amazing haha