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Mars in Gemini – July 25-September 6

Filed in News by on July 26, 2011 • views: 2867

Mars entered Gemini early Monday morning, after just having passed by the South node, Ketu over the weekend. As you recall, last week I did several reports on the Ketu/Mars conjunction in Taurus leading to entrenched, even fanatic defense of our values and value systems. This was made evident by the “debt ceiling” crisis in the United States, where both Republicans and Democrats are dug into entrenched positions.

At the time I said there would be no compromise until Mars moved into Gemini. Literally, hours after Mars enters Gemini the president went before the nation, and in very fiery tones, implored the Congress to work out a deal. This does not imply that a compromise has been reached, not at all. But I think this was the first step in marshaling public pressure toward a solution.

Just as we would expect from Mars, his results come quickly and suddenly when he changes signs. And just so you understand what’s being said here, Mars is about doing battle over our principles, and Gemini is about communication.

There is a dangerous, high-stakes gamble being waged by the ultraconservative wing of the Republican Party, the Tea party. Their obstructionism and unwillingness to broker a deal could have catastrophic results not just on the US economy, but the global economies as well.

At this point, even if (and when) the debt ceiling is raised, it is possible the US currency will be downgraded based on the lack of confidence being shown measured against the amount of work that needs to be done in order to get our fiscal house in order.


In fact, I have a strong feeling that when Mars and Saturn move into mutual aspect, (approximately August 18–August 23), we might see some economic difficulties, like an economic panic or downgrade. In the US chart (Sagittarius ascendant) Saturn rules the second house, the wealth of the country. Mars rules the fifth (speculation) and 12th houses (letting go and “liquidation”), so perhaps the liquidation of currency, like US dollars, (or just the threat) will cause a panic.

The upcoming Mars/Saturn aspect is also foreboding for a potential natural disaster, especially a costly one.

Currently, the US chart is having its Saturn return – and also its Mars return. In the US chart, Mars is about 1° of Gemini, the same place it is in the sky right now.

Mars is now transiting through the seventh house of the US chart, the house of other countries. Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Venus are all in the seventh house of the US chart. There could be some intense international rancor directed toward the United States at that time. Certainly, considering what I mentioned above in the current economic crisis, there could be a an economic component to this rancor.

1980 Regan Revolution Chart

In addition, this transit of Saturn through Virgo is quite important, in that the “Reagan Revolution” occurred under the exact same Saturn transit as we’re seeing now. At that time, Reagan’s conservative economic philosophy, called “trickle-down economics”, took hold. It largely consisted of tax cuts and deregulation. It led to some economic growth, but also massive debts (at the time at least) – and the larger gulf between “the haves and have-nots”.

How telling that Barack Obama often refers to Ronald Reagan, especially as it relates to economic pragmatism.

Does this sound familiar? How are these things applicable in your life?

Mars in Gemini is definitely a time when intense debate and argument is possible. Mars is a planet that wants to get where its going, and Gemini is the sign of ideas and communication – which is often not goal oriented.

Mars is black and white, and generally inflexible, seeing things through simplistic “black and white principles”. Gemini is about seeing all points of view, something that greatly benefits us when communicating or trying to solve problems creatively.

As clunky as the road to the outcome may look, I think eventually there will be improvement in the overall economic “reality” of the US by the end of this Mars in Gemini transit. Perhaps being chastised harshly by the international community is exactly what what the US needs to get its Congress priorities straight.

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  1. Wende says:

    Hi Sam, thanks for the beautifully written article so rich in content. Hey, I can relate to this scenario on personal level, especially tonight. I want and have to stick to my principals Mars (black and white). Unfortunately those that I trust don't seem to have the same agenda. I really expect them to stick to these same principals, however they want to talk talk talk and stir the pot. Ok sometimes but not now, not when so much is at stake.

    again thanks for all you write and teach.
    wishing you all the best, Wende

    • Foxtail says:

      Gosh – I echo that perfectly…suddenly find myself in relationship breakup mode and arguing over principles…one side black and white…the other trying to discuss things to bring things out in the open, whatever they may be!
      Thanks Sam

  2. This is excellent, Sadasiva, so clear, crisp and concise! THank you!

  3. William Surface says:

    Thanks for the Kiss Sam. What you said about the Ketu/Mars conjunction and a fanatical defending of values applies to the motivation behind the massacre in Norway, as well.

  4. geoanne says:

    Sam first off i love you! i have been reading your dailies and watching your videos for over a year.i took your vedic astrology class..i always praise your style , your insightfulness , your humor and your beautiful spirituality … that said…i can relate to the mars ketu conj in my natal 10th house..i am sag conj saturn sun 5th house, taurus in the 10th etc ( leo rising.)..venus in aquarious. 7th ..anyhow i am a designer and i went into hyper drive with this Sag moon..i developed a prototype for some solar products …all green/sustainable( uranus close to my natal ascendant in leo square natal neptune in scorpio. )…i was getting hit after hit from the universe ..i came up with a natural mixture (natal mercury in capicorn w/ transiting pluto nearby trineing my natal pluto in virgo) without any chemical knowledge that i later found was the exact recepe used in ancient egypt… i was a FANATIC about these ideas and worked tirelessly researching till 4 in the am i now have people who want to start an LLC to produce my products…now that mars has moved to gemini i have settled down a bit but the inspiration and energy i received will continue to fuel my focus THANK YOU again and especially for offering all these free learning opportunities, which without, i would not be able to follow your generous and right-on insights

  5. guest says:

    OK, have to say that being a taurus ascendant myself, i had to say a fiery words today to my manager and a colleague. Not sure how that'll turn out, but something's gotta give.