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Mars in Libra – Social and Personal Unrest

Filed in News by on February 18, 2014 • views: 1312

Mars in Libra – Social, Personal Unrest
Libra is not just a sign of romantic interactions, it is also related to social and political causes. Since February 4 we have seen  a lot of social unrest and some highly unusual personal stories of a diabolical nature.

Mars in Libra – Social, Personal Unrest

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Libra is related to social interactions of all sort, that includes romantic and political interactions. It includes cultural and personal respect, women’s issues and beauty. Currently, since February 4, Saturn, Rahu and Mars are occupying Libra. These three malefics are creating unusual disturbances. Recently, since February 4, we have seen major social disruptions, as well asa few highly unusual and diabolical scenarios.

Socio-Political Unrest140218152337-12-ukraine-0218-c1-main
There have been three  major outbreaks of social unrest in the last couple of weeks occurring in Ukraine, Thailand and Venezuela. In all three cases antigovernment protests have led to rioting, clashes and enormous instability.

North Korea Civil Rights Abuse
In addition, there have been reports of egregious civil rights abuses in North Korea, and even talk of bringing Kim Jong on up on war crimes charges for human rights violations. And very recently, and Australian missionary has been detained  in North Korea.

Female Craigslist Serial killer
A highly unusual confession of a young, female, serial killer hit the news recently as well. Apparently this young woman “stopped counting” after her 22nd serial murder. The story is as of yet unconfirmed. Yet it it is highly unusual.

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