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Mercury Mars Conjunction in Aquarius – Continued

Filed in News by on February 12, 2013 • views: 4216

[facebook]As I reported last week the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius brought a high potential for the individual in conflict (Mars) with collective culture (Aquarius) around ideas and personal self-expression (Mercury) not being appreciated.

Mercury/Mars Conjunction in Aquarius VIDEO


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Since last week, notice a few of the important news stories:

1. The LAPD stalker:
A former LAPD officer had been stalking the squad, after publishing a lengthy manifesto. This began as a grievance several years ago, when he was fired from the force for reporting police brutality. At the time of this writing, it has just been reported that he and the officers were involved in a standoff with one officer killed.


The Moon was in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra – Related to Lightning, Ruled by Jupiter – When the Pope Announced His Resignation.

2. Pope Benedict resigns:
In very rare event, the latest Pope steps down from his post. Who knows exactly why, but it still shows an individual asserting himself/sticking out from the culture. In this case it is the culture of the church. Resigning the papacy is a highly individual move, not seen in nearly 600 years.

In a very interesting twist, hours after the pope announced his resignation, lightning struck the Vatican. To show how specific Vedic astrology is, the moon was in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadra, related to lightning strikes. The deity Aja Ekapad means “one footed goat”.

3. North Korea nuclear test:
This week the North Koreans conducted an underground test, ratcheting up the heated rhetoric against the West, and in particular the United States.

4. Conflicts in Online Communities:
In my personal sphere of friends and online communities, I’ve seen several very potent “blowups” over the exchange of ideas or the inclusion or exclusion from certain creative projects, etc. I seen long-term friendships get destroyed over such misunderstandings and self assertions.

All of these things have the common themes of Mars (self will and individuation), Mercury (ideas, communication and creativity) and Aquarius (our communities and larger culture).

The Mars/Mercury Opportunity
Of course, conflict and battle are not the only possibilities. In fact, for me personally, I have greatly benefited from this transit. I recently taught an awesome astrology course weekend to my students, and have also been exploring several alternative communities and networking opportunities.

Like everything astrological, it all boils down to your individual relationship with the planet’s, signs and houses involved.

1. Your Natal Saturn (it’s dignity, house rulerships, etc)
2. The Sign of Libra (where that house falls for you – any planets there).
3. Your Planetary Cycle

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How about you? Have you experienced the Mars/Mercury transit in Aquarius?

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  1. Becky Dennis says:

    In the past few years, I have been moving through some fairly serious health challenges. I trust that there is a reason for it (past life and karma) and have worked to embrace the dis-eases and consequently made some major lifestyle changes. My Friend is a Naturopath and has helped tremendously, but the "western" medicine doctor that I see occasionally is incredibly limited in his perception. He believes that people with cancer are supposed to die if they don't poison and burn the body/temple. I know that I am a SOUL and will make my transition when it is time. I choose to be conscious and not allow FEAR to motivate my actions. Anyway, your message came at the perfect time, as usual. I am so grateful. Ironically, I had not updated the BLOG on my web site for over a year. This morning, before even watching your video, I wrote about all of this in a bit more detail. So, yes, I am feeling this and pushing against the western medical establishment and communicating it too.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Saturn rules Aquarius in election or hooray charts. The events going on today and this week (I see) have much more to do with Uranus in Aries (New info) sex Jupiter in Gemini – the big secret has been exposed and it squares Chrion. the wound in the sign of Pisces. This wound has been a secret for too long.

  3. Tom says:

    I have this Merc/Mars transit in my fourth house, and I am sort of feeling it in that I have been making
    changes in media, options like wi-fi which I didn't have before, looking for something to more efficiently keep track of info on old paper systems, and updating programs and such. It's always been a huge issue for me but because of health disabilities I was always thwarted from actually getting into all these processes. For some strange reason I seem to be handling all this much better. The health improved, but I guess this transit is what pushed to address everything in terms of new systems and adjustments. I'm starting to feel like I am actually getting a handle on responsibilities that have been so sorely neglected due to health issues, and they seem to be focused within my humble abode.

    One note about last nights SOTU speech was that he seemed to be really stretching the facts in order to press his will, his agenda. This morning there were articles on the web that compared his speech with the actual facts and the two didn't match hardly at all. So, it seems to me that his transiting Mars won out over his mercury, and in some sense perhaps his mercury was set to stretching the story if there was any 2nd house setting to it. I can't recall his chart but it seemed to me that his Aquarius was his 2nd house??? I'll haveto find it again to see.

    Thanks for the update, Sam! I was wondering when we would hear from you again. I always appreciate these posts and the info.

  4. paula says:

    I've been experiencing major changes in my life since 2010, but i have to say that in last 2-3 months i've changed more than in any other moment in my life, its happening SO FAST. I feel like I grow up really quickly and I really like it, suddenly everything starts to make sense to me 🙂
    This transit is happening in my 11th house on rashi chart but in navamsa its on my 8th house, in conjunction with…. mars and mercury! I still don't know how to read d9 but thats very interesting to me :p

  5. @sahaguru says:

    In my chart the Mercury is in Aquarius now with Mars, who is promoting me to feed the world, with cooked ideas which should benefit, and the Rahu, the lord of my stat swathi is approaching towards my star and he is pushing the Saturn in the trine with Mars and Mercury. Rahu in Vishaka 3 who changes the navamsa for each 45 days, and the Saturn for 100days. The navamsa is the color of costume which the planet wears to present the results. Mars, Pahu and Saturn are destiny breakers and the Mercury behaves like a filling, which takes the color to present himself like a shadow. Rahu a Muslim Planet is in Mercury navamsa at 27.13 and Saturn is at 17.26 in his own navamsa the lord of Aquarius. Who ever respect others with dedication will make their way with progress. The cunning people should face hard time. Time has come to confess and ask for the mercy and an excuse, which will end the troubles in thinking, the real depression at the cost of their sleep, loosing the braveness.

  6. Joanna_Jyoti says:

    Many 6th house issues going on up and about since this conjuction started.
    Standing up for myself 'against' the community is the most significant one.
    Also dealing with health issues which have been going on for sometime since
    Saturn's stay in my 1st house (Virgo)… are now settling down slowly…
    Thank you Sam for your insights!

  7. freddy wissink says:

    Dear Sam, what is the time that you hade from the lightning at the Dom, as there are also some people who have moon in shatabhishak, time wash 18 hours in Roma
    So love to know your time with you did take, Thanks for it.