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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – June 26-July 20

Filed in News by on June 26, 2013 • views: 2314

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – June 26-July 20

A retrograde planet appears to be moving backward relative to our position on Earth. It can be compared to a slower moving car that we pass on the highway. Although it is not actually moving backward, it appears to be doing so based on our speed. The retrograde planet is not really keeping up with the pace of our life on earth. This causes us to go back and pay close attention to what it is doing.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – June 26-July 20 – VIDEO

To understand retrograde planets better –
Get this Master Class on Retrograde Planets
Use Coupon Code “RETRO13” for a 25% discount – Close to 25.00

The retrograde planet interrupts the visible things it produces, both mergemas a karaka (natural indicator) and as a house ruler (as the houses are related to the forms a planet produces). It is the interruption wit those things the specific things the planet rules that keep getting our attention, causing us to “reflect” on that planet – to go backward – inward, toward its deeper meaning – and slow down more with it.

A Mercury Retrograde Plan
All planets appear to go retrograde (except the Sun and Moon), but Mercury retrograde happens with more frequency, usually 3 times a year on average. Because Mercury rules so many things important to human interaction (especially now in the “information age”), his retrograde cycles can seems to really mess us up.

Six things to keep in mind:
~ Pay attention to what you communicate – be thorough!
~ Don’t assume others “get it”.
~ Double and triple “spell check”.
~ Be wary of new technology intense projects (and be very thorough if you undertake a new massive load / data migration, etc).
~ It is a good time for editing what already exists
~ It is a good time for “reminiscing”, but don’t get stuck there

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  1. Dr. Laura says:

    Your comments are always so personally germane, Sam. I love your holistic, spiritual and practical view on the light and shadow, the planets and their movement. It always amazes me how right on you are and how right on track I am. In gratitude.

  2. Melinda says:

    Hi Sam
    I L

  3. Melinda says:

    Hi Sam
    I L

  4. Melinda says:

    Most certainly as you can see my comments aren’t posting and sending before there finished.. Retrograde hmmm Sam I will contact you via Facebook
    Thank you
    My sorries regarding previous posts please delete on your side as I attempted
    Blessed be

  5. rima says:

    Brilliant as always.
    The best explanation of retrograde.

  6. Milla says:

    Nice metaphore about the car on the highway, thanks for the imagery, it really helps the neophyte to understand the concept of a retrograde planet.

  7. Kaushalya says:

    Hare Krishna Sam!

    Great video once again! Loved the way you broke down the meaning of Mercury retrograde with the example of the two cars driving together. Thank-you so much.

    Peace and Love

    P.S. – Hey, how is you and your new girlfriend (with the cute dog) working out? Do we hear wedding bells in the near future?



  8. Smita says:

    Very well explained.Never miss any of your videos & webnair.Always get great insights from them.Thanks for the video !!

  9. Lisa says:

    Love the instrumental lead in! Thank you for these.

  10. Shakti says:

    Great videos Sam, You really explained the retrograde aspect very well. This is something which has been unclear to me since very long.

  11. Chithkala says:

    Thanks for sharing your Wisdom Sam.

  12. Joelle says:

    Sam, I love it. This is the most clear explanation that I have ever heard. Thank you.

  13. Noor says:

    Saaaaam!!! This is brilliant! Thank you very much.. Is it like if its retro in your birth chart then you want really get effected by it?

  14. Laura says:

    Hi Sam…great video as always…I'm Taurus …Cancer Moon…Mercury in Taurus…Just landed new great job…you are so insightful. I deeply understand all of this. You translate well all the inner workings of the cosmic play. It has been very helpful…and enjoyable to watch and listen to you. Thank you…In Amma's grace!!! .Laura 🙂 Ohm Namah Shivaya