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Moon in Leo Monday and Tuesday

Filed in News by on October 28, 2013 • views: 2175

Moon in LeoMoon in Leo Monday and Tuesday
Moon goes into Magha Nakshatra on Monday, October 28th. It also goes into Leo, ruled by the Sun. The Moon is also getting close to Mars who is now in Leo. Mars is the General of the Army and the general is on the throne in Leo. It can be a bit like a military dictatorship if we’re not careful. But it’s also brings a lot of order. We want to get things done when Mars is there.

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The Moon in Leo for the next couple of days will bring that fiery nature to the mind. We’ll feel that inspired fiery quality but it could be a little irritated and a bit demanding. Remember, the Moon is where we want to feel connection. The Sun and Mars is where we feel distinction or individuality (fire).

It is traditional to assess the Moon because it’s the mind, it’s our feeling. We all share in this collective consciousness as shown by the Moon as it goes through the zodiac signs and Nakshatras, and is influenced by different planets.

We’re all influenced by that collective mind, that’s why the Moon is called the mind, the Manas, the field of perception. Manas is the technical term but basically, that field of consciousness and perception where everything else arises. When the Moon is in Leo, that field of perception is fiery, individualistic, feeling dutiful, responsible, pressured – and this pressure is in Leo because the king feels pressure.

He wants to make sure  the kingdom is running right, who’s not doing their job, etc. There is a lot going on. Remember, the Moon is exalted in Taurus which says, “Okay here I am. I’m peaceful, calm, surrounded by my friends and family and all the stuff I like,” and that’s the part that makes the Moon settled. That’s the energy that makes us be able to relax psychologically and emotionally. That fiery quality of Leo makes the heart  a little more restless – to accomplish, to assert.

Later in the week, the moon moves into Virgo, where all of the tasks of the kingdom must be done.

dallas-4f02f71ce8a7cA Quick Mercury(R), Joined Saturn Story of Mine
How are you spending the Mercury retrograde cycle? I have a little story that seems typical for me. I came across a video clip from the old TV show “Dallas” over  the weekend. For those who do not know this was a night time soap opera from the late 70’s and 80’s about a texas oil family. Guess what, it sent me on a little nostalgia Video watching binge of the show. I really liked the show when I was a kid (like most everyone else in America). For some reason I really connected to the character of “Jock” – the father – played by actor Jim Davis. Maybe because of the heavy Saturn influence now. His tough, yet sensitive portrayal of Jock Ewing was masterful, conveying a ruthtlessness, yet a deep love of his wife and family. It got me to investigating him a little and I learned that his first role was opposite Bette Davis – in a flop of a movie called  “Winter Meeting”. He had a lot of “B” movies after that.. but stayed with acting, very Saturn like, eventually landing the role in Dallas

In the second season he was diagnosed with Cancer and continued to work until he was too sick. He died in the fourth season of the show and there was a touching memorial at the end of the death episode.I inserted the clip below.

The final scene with actor Larry Hagman (who played J.R), was not planned / scripted that way, but was quite touching.

Have you entertained any guilty pleasures form the past (that you would confess publicly that is!).

Do you see a correlation to the astrology?,… any concurrent themes of Saturn, Libra, Rahu showing up?

Discuss Below.

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