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Navratri – Nine Nights of Divine Mother Festival

Filed in News by on October 15, 2012 • views: 1707

Note I Made a Mistake in the Video and said it starts on Tuesday. It Should be MONDAY. Pratipad is Monday Morning. I have the correct Schedule Below.

The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother festival is a time when we can embrace the transformation process full on, through the three qualities of life (the three gunas) in the forms of the Divine Mother.

Over the course of nine nights, the three Goddesses of Change (Durga/Kali), Love and Contentment (Lakshmi) and Wisdom (Saraswati) are evoked. The first three nights are dedicated to Durga, the second three nights are dedicated to Lakshmi and the last Three nights are dedicated to Saraswati.

Navratri – Nine Night of Divine Mother Festival Video.


Durga – Tamasic (protection/courage) Goddess destroys the darkness in our hearts. The deeply entrenched habits, mental blocks and inner conflicts are preventing us from true wisdom growth and love. First that fear, anger and hatred must be destroyed before any peace can enter our mind and heart.

Lakshmi – Rajasic (desire/happiness) Goddess shows us the happiness and joy of life that was being obscured. Feeling loved, cared for and valued is the Mother Lakshmi energy. Receiving happiness, pleasure and feeling content with what is only happens after we feel the universe is our home. Lakshmi is the Goddess of the abundant universe that has plenty to give us – so we can relax and trust.

Saraswati – Sattwic (knowledge/wisdom) Goddess brings the true wisdom that only comes once we trust and relax into the flow of love and grace. At that time all of the Sastras (teachings) are revealed. Saraswati is the only Goddess who is not married, she is a young virgin girl. A purity and innocence of mind and heart is required to learn.

Navratri 2012 Schedule
Monday-Wednesay Worship Durga (Protection, Removing Fear and Darkness).
Thursday-Saturday Worship Lakshmi (Contentment, Acceptance, Abundance).
Sunday-Monday Worship Saraswati (Wisdom and Purity)
Next Tuesday Celebrate victory of Goddess over the Demons of our ignorance.

*NOTE – there should be only two days to worship Saraswati as Dashami falls on the West coast a few minutes before what would be the 9th day. So the 8th and 9th day need to be celebrated together

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  1. Aabha K Singh says:

    Thank you Sam, for this, and all the other teachings imparted by you. May the Goddess in all her forms bless and keep you…

  2. raet says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this understanding…

  3. marsha says:


  4. ~yamah says:

    Hey Sam, Gratitude for your heartfelt desire and need to share what is profound and beautiful, enhancing to us all, and in the 'form,' / energy of the Divine Mother. Sun Moon, Mother Father are our origin, with whom we do well when connected to the Truth of these Beings, Inside OneSelf. it's Super to have your messages coming in, digitally, so consistently, to keep the flow of Realization in the forefront of one's moment to moment, day to day. Blessings, Yamah

  5. michelle says:


  6. Joanna_Jyoti says:


  7. S Mac says:

    Beautifully understandable & inspired explanation! I've learned so much from the videos I've seen in the last few months. You have much to teach. Thank you!

  8. Mackenzie Largie says:

    Thanks Sam. Your work is invaluable!

  9. kay says:

    Hi Sam,
    So nice to hear you talk about the Goddess. Brings back beautiful memories.

    Devi Ma blessings to you.


  10. sharda hooda says:

    thankyou sam for the recap that we know but choose to ignore!
    bless you,