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Need and Little Timeout – Venus and Mars Debilitated

Filed in News by on September 18, 2011 • views: 2186

Both Venus and Mars are debilitated right now. Both of these planets are vital in romantic relationships. They are also vital in all kinds of interpersonal connections. They show our individuality (Mars) and willingness to assert it (as opposed over assert it) – and the need to compromise and have a healthy relationship with our desires (Venus).

Too often, we disrespect ourself as we pursue our desires (or imagine we are doing that) then disrespect others as we try to reclaim the sense of self-worth we sold down the toilet to have the connection.

With both Mars and Venus debilitated right now, neither of these faculties are operating with a lot of confidence in us. Additionally, Venus is also hemmed between the Sun and Saturn, two planets of duty, hard work and responsibility – they also include issues such as pride, embarrassment, cruelty and abuse, purification,  integrity, etc.

This gathering of planets is in Virgo, a place of analysis, flexibility and neutrality, as well as communication. It is likely that even the best connections are experiencing some pressure now – to get clear about “self/other” issues.

Having both Venus and Mars weak tends to even out the playing field though. So, not only are we less likely to slide on our principles and cover our issues with some temporary pleasure (the Venus problem), we are also less likely to over-assert our self will, with Mars weak. What typically happens, is one becomes debilitated, while the other one is stronger – tipping the scales one way or another toward excessive compromise or excessive aggression.

So, having both of them weakened now tends to negate these extremes, but it certainly doesn’t feel so good internally as neither satisfying our temporary pleasure or asserting our self will feels too good.

So What’s an Ego to do?

This is the “blessing” of debilitated planets. But you have to know it clearly this way. Do not ever fall into the idea that debilitation or problematic dignity is “cancelled” by anything. Nothing is ever canceled. Instead what happens is what you may be experiencing now, the typical mechanism of the ego to react – is curtailed – and replaced with confusion or perhaps neglect – as we fall back on more confident energies.

In this case for example, by transit, Jupiter is still powerful in Aries – so we’re all still full of our big philosophies and righteousness “about it”. Yet these philosophies are disconnected from the source of pain,  the Venus process, and likely the source of our deeper wounding. Saturn is also powerful in Virgo, so there’s a potential for a certain amount of punishment, cruelty and abuse (the  shadow side of the “control” we are seeking).

The fearful and cowardly nature of Saturn shows that rather than express our aggression to people we fear will retaliate, where there are consequences and penalties (like a boss or a person we fear will hurt us). Instead we express / dump our anger on those we feel safe with – those who are vulnerable to us and may have gifted us with their willingness and support – or even worse – those we have control over like children, animals, the salesperson, etc. This could be a real possibility now as Venus is with Saturn and getting closer. Remorse for these things will be fast approaching as Venus gets closer to Saturn. So avoid the approaching “apology/guilt-fest” that may be in your future. 🙂

But  debilitation is only one factor, there are other positive aspects, and “neecha banga” factors that show  is and growth.

*note to astrology students:

The specifics of those factors show the nature of the modification. As an astrology student, you need to understand all of the specific so you can give voice to them rather than lapse into useless things such as “well it’s debilitated which is bad, but it has “neecha banga” – which means it’s not THAT bad“ – etc.

Mercury to the Rescue

One of the best things about debilitated Venus, is there are usually powerful “neecha banga” factors – especially the most powerful one – joined or exchanging with its ruler – in this case Mercury. Because Mercury is never that far away from Venus. She is almost always either with Mercury or exchanging with him when debilitated.

This influence modifies the weakness, by bringing intelligence, discrimination, humor (big ONE), clarity and precision of communication to the situation. Mercury will enter Virgo on Thursday, September 22 – bringing these powerful qualities to the situation.


In the meantime it is not a bad idea to take a timeout and be careful not to do too much damage to your connection. If you’re feeling triggered, be careful not to act through that debilitated Mars/frustration – emotionally defending some disconnected, haughty Jupiter “philosophy” – because with your words can wound your beloved who is already in a vulnerable state too – and grappling with similar emotions as you right now.

These are the times when we are really tested to model the higher qualities of the planets. The higher qualities of Venus show grace and patience even when were triggered, confused, not happy and perhaps even furious at our partner who is “supposed to be making us happy”.


Best wishes,

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  1. Joanna_Jyoti says:

    Wow, what can one expect with so many planets in Virgo, right now?
    I feel just a bit squeezed here, having a Virgo asc… 😉
    Any tips?

  2. Jenine says:

    Thank you once again for your guidance in navigating thru hese very trying times. Well, life goes on and when things get really touch, I just go inside and remember who I really am. Sadhana is such a wonderful gift and grace for those who have access to it. So, blessings to you and to all sentient beings; just know that we are so loved. Namaste. Jeanine

  3. Candace says:

    The saying "Love makes the world go round" isn't just a cute adage, but a reality of our present universe, bound by the universal cosmic law of gravity, which is LOVE. "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. (Desiderata)

  4. yamah says:

    hi Sam,

    i am getting the full forecast, rather than the venus Mars Debilitation Video Not sure why?

    also the "download option' has not been appearing this past week or so, not usre why of that either. it is really helpful for me to use the download onto real player because i often lose the video part way through, not sure wihy for that either 🙂