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Vedic astrology – New Moon in Gemini – June 19, 2012

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New Moon in Gemini of 2012 will commence, with Shukla Pratipada (first lunar day of waxing moon) occurring at 8:02 AM PDT on June 19, 2012. This will take place at 4:41 Sidereal Gemini (Lahiri ayanamsha).

Vedic Panchanga:
Mrigashira Nakshatra, 4th pada (Scorpio Navamsa)
Pratipad (Brahma)
Ganda Nitya Yoga
Vara is ruled by Mars (Tuesday)
Karana is kinstughna (worm).

This initiates the month of Ashaad, with the Full Moon this month occurring as Guru Purnima, which falls between July 2, 2012 @ 14:52 PDT and July 3, 2012 @ 11:51 PDT.

New Moon in Gemini Video Below

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WebClass This Week – Summer Solstice

The Summer solstice is a very important time for life on earth. It is when the Sun changes directions and begins the Southern course (in the northern hemisphere). I will explore the relevance of this through the Mayan, Vedic and Christian Cosmologies and explain how these energies are shown in the Sign, Gemini – AND what that means to all the astrology signs, for the next month, including yours.

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The New Moon occurs when Sun and Moon come together at the same point of ecliptic longitude. This is analogous to sperm meeting egg, initiating the child / life cycle of that Month (until the next Sun / Moon conjunction). This Sun/Moon conjunction usually takes place in a different rasi (astrology sign) each month.

Everyone is affected by these cycles, but in different ways based on their rising sign, moon sign, conjoining planets, etc. In this case wherever the sign of Gemini falls relative to your ascendant will be a major point of focused action for the next month. This point will be harmonized emotionally, and with others on the Full Moon that happens two weeks later.

Below are a few of the important details of this New moon Cycle:

Sign of Gemini has to do with gaining intelligence and experience in life through a curious approach. Gemini has no preconceived ideas about what things really are or what they really mean. Everything is fair game to be probed, questioned, compared and played with. The difficulty with this sign is in simply exploring things for sport, in a trivial way, and not going deep. But the real genius of Gemini lies in the capacity to see things in an unbiased way, beyond judgments, personal desires or dogmas.

It will be a great time to challenge your “sacred cows” and gain more practical experience, especially in the things you “already believe in ” and are certain about. Gemini is the “devil’s advocate” incarnate – especially happy when exposing religious piety and those not “walking the talk”. For example, Gemini is not a sign that does well in hierarchical organizations, like the military or an Ashram environment, where people need to be followed and listened to simply because of their rank or title.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is “neutral” and not prone to respect the dog or child any less than the revered Guru. All creatures have their place. This is not to say Gemini has no respect for authority, it means, once the authority figure starts to conceptualize through language or begin to represent itself, Gemini will assess the data and what is communicated based on the merit of the information, without special regard for WHO is conveying it.

Of course, people with many planets in this sign will take on many of these traits. But we all have Gemini falling somewhere in our chart – relative to when we were born.

Sun and Moon in Mrigashira – ruled by Mars and God Soma. This denotes a longing and searching for beauty in it idyllic form. A very gentle and placid approach is seen in this Nakshatra, and also a skittish one.
LESSON: Pursue what you love with playfulness and skill.

Mercury is also in Gemini – in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Mercury, the ruler of the new Moon (ruler of Gemini) is also in the sign, which confers a lot of intelligence. Punarvasu is a creative one, related to the Goddess Aditi (the Mother of the Adityas). It means “return of the light”.
LESSON: Develop greater skill from that place of light, hope and intelligence.

Jupiter/Ketu/Venus are in Taurus the Bull. This shows many lessons still around wealth and values. The two teachers in the fixed Earth of Taurus can be a very grounding influence, but also one of greed and a certain “grabbiness”.
LESSON: Infuse your habits, routines and values with greater hope and beauty.

Venus (retrograde) and Ketu are in Rohini Nakshatra. This is a placement of wealth, luxury and comfort. But it may also show attachment. Ketu will tend to see through the facade of outer forms of luxury, and Venus is very wise here.
LESSON: Now is the best time to elevate your values and re-define what you call “beauty”.

Mars finishing up the transit through Leo shows personal courage and self-will are important now. However, Mars has been in Leo since November 1, 2011 – so we are actually getting a little tired of our big, bad selves – and so is everyone else.
LESSON: Although we are still feeing personally strong, the need to express it outwardly is coming to an end.

Saturn retrograde in Virgo in Chitra shows how the lessons of the past few years are being finalized, before he settles for good in Libra until the end of 2014.
LESSON: Take time to reflect on the large lessons of the past couple of years (since September, 2009).

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