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New Moon in Leo – Venus Jupiter – Saturn Mars Aspects

Filed in News by on August 21, 2014 • views: 3272

New Moon in Leo – Venus Jupiter – Saturn Mars Aspects

On Monday, August 25, 2014 the Sun and Moon come together in Leo, producing the new Moon, and the beginning of the Leo cycle for 2014. This new Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Magha, ruled by the divine ancestors, the Pitris.

New Moon in Leo – Venus Jupiter – Saturn Mars Aspects – VIDEO
(*note – Should be “Monday, August 25” for Exact Conjunction – Amavasya, te New Moon Day, begins on Sunday)

tumblr_mhvmngkMri1rkgqkho1_400Leo – the sign of the King.

We all have a power center in our life. From this central power position we have built a kingdom in one way or another. Some of us have built a very good kingdom, and others have one that is in disarray. Most of us have different parts of our kingdom that run very well, while other parts do not. Leo is this a sign of centralized power and vision. When we are aligned with that, we’re willing to do the hard work and take the actions necessary to make sure the kingdom run smoothly. This includes the capacity to sacrifice things that are difficult, but may give short-term pleasure. A good King is willing to suffer so the kingdom flourishes. Whereas a corrupt King is more interested in his own personal glory and power, to the detriment of the kingdom.

Magha Nakshatra
This Nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris, the divine ancestors. It connects us to our family in this lifetime, but also our celestial, divine family. The symbol is the Royal throne that we sit upon. Just as we inherit the legacy in this lifetime, we also have the choice to outlive that karmic past and create a new legacy connected to something more divine.

Jupiter / Venus aspect
Jupiter and Venus are both in Cancer now, bringing a lot of romantic excess and potential disappointment. Jupiter and Venus have different goals, even though they are both big givers. Jupiter gives a love of things transcendent and Venus gives a love of things on this Earth. Navigating disappointment with others might be an issue as we elevate our expectations and connect with something more eternal. Sublime beauty, art and music as well as devotion to God are important now.

Mars / Saturn Aspect
Mars and Saturn are exactly conjunct in Libra now as well. We are reaching a culmination point, if not a boiling point, around certain relationship issues, especially those that we have begun around the end of 2011. Either way, now is the time to investigate your interactions and relationships with others and be honest about them.

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