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New Moon in Leo / Virgo

Filed in Featured Articles, News by on September 13, 2012 • views: 2550

The New moon happens on September 15, 2012 @ approximately 7PM Pacific time. Although it actually initiates the “Virgo” cycle – it occurs at the end of Leo, the very last few seconds of ecliptic longitude Leo.

This “on the edge” feeling may preside for the next month.

The New Moon happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by the Sun and the God Aryaman, who presides over contracts and official ceremonies – such as marriage. This deity is also related to the separation of day into night and is also commonly evoked with the God Mitra, the deity of friendship.

New Moon in Virgo Video

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Virgo is the sign where you must take the power structure of your life (Leo) and organize it. The kingdom of your life takes a lot of work to run smoothly. Many things must be done correctly. Luckily your body is wise and you do not have to remember to do much. But even, you clunk around with food, sleep, communications and other things / routines. Getting the most out of all of those details and moments is the greatness of Mercury. His culmination is in Virgo and we will feel that now.

Mercury is exalted at the time of the New Moon, showing a high capacity for discernment and discrimination and looking at things with a rational objectivity. Also, Jupiter will be aspecting this exalted Mercury, showing good judgment, hope and wisdom flowing into the communication process.

Mars will be closely aspecting Jupiter in the sky (a one-way aspect) and we are also once again in the Kala Sarpa Yoga (all of the planets between the Nodes). So there is a lot of potential for the “security and insecurity” axis to get very stirred up – with a lot of rebellion and potential fighting – like we are seeing in the Middle east now.

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