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New Moon in Sagittarius | Solstice – December 21, 2014

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New Moon in Sagittarius | Solstice – December 21, 2014
The Moon will be new on the same day as the Solstice, December 21, 2014 – bringing 2 cycles together. The Solstice is very important as it shows the beginning of the Northern Course of the Sun (in the northern hemisphere). The New Moon is the time when Sun and Moon come together, and begins that cycle for any given Solar Year.

New Moon in Sagittarius | Solstice – December 21, 2014 – VIDEO


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This cycle in Sagittarius will be time to connect to greater and greater hope and (especially now) internalizing your teachings. This is more internal now because Jupiter is retrograde in the sky, which promotes introspection.

But you may feel some external confusion regarding your philosophies and principles now – as well as some doubt of your teachers – maybe even some battles with them.

Sagittarius Hemmed
I discussed the serial hemming in a forecast earlier this week , where many signs are hemmed between malefics, including Sagittarius. This has an isolating effect – which may promote deeper instrospection, or  it may make us feel, well, isolated, which is usually thought of as bad – lonely, etc. In fact, this next month may show us working through these types of feelings, noticing where we have (or should have) left situations that were not serving our long-term goals and purposes.

You should look to the house where Sagittarius falls form your ascendant – as a major focus of this isolated feeling. For example, Gemini would feel it as 7th house (partners), Leo 5th house (children, creative situations).

Nakshatra of Mula – Root / Source / Uprooting
This New moon happens in the Nakshatra of Mula, ruled by the fierce, destructive Deity, called Nirrit (calamity) in the Vedas. Later Indian myth draws a strong correlation to the Goddess Kali. Astronomically it refers to the Galactic Core, the bulge of stars at the center of our galaxy – long said to be the source of power for us – as the Sun (and all stars) are said to emanate from the Center of the galaxy. Additionally, at this time the Moon will align with the Galactic plane – the axial plane of stars known to be a destructive force in both  Indian and Mayan cultures (both Sidereally based systems).585379main_2-year-all-sky_GT1_GeV_labels-660x370

On one end of the Galactic Plane is the Nakshatra Mula, related to Kali, and at the other end is the Nakshatra Ardra, related to Shiva – who lays prostrate beneath the fierce dance of Kali. Interestingly, Western Science has recently affirmed what the Indian and Mayan mystics have been saying for the millennia, relative to the Galactic plane, destruction and “Dark Matter”.

From a recent article on Wired, leading astronomers and astrophysicist have concluded:
The more that scientists stare at it, the more a strange signal from the center of the Milky Way galaxy appears to be the result of dark matter annihilation. If confirmed, it would be the first direct evidence for dark matter ever seen.

Dark matter is a mysterious, invisible substance making up roughly 85 percent of all matter in the universe. It floats throughout our galaxy, but is more concentrated at its center. There, a dark matter particle can meet another dark matter particle flying through space. If they crash into one another, they will annihilate each other (dark matter is its own antiparticle) and give off gamma rays.

godess-kali-1The First Act of Creation is Destruction
Before anything new can be created we must destroy the old forms that were blocking this energy. Those forms were the result of the previously planted seeds, and nurtured with care – yes even your sufferings are the result of your rapt attention and care. So first you need to destroy and uproot the seeds that have produced this bitter fruit.

Yet in the midst of all the changes and drama, there is unchanging nothingness, the fullness, the void – Shiva – supporting it all – the furious dance of Kali (Time personified).

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    Sam, thanks for this video. Question for you I have my moon in the nakshatra Moola. Is this an auspicious moon for me? What kinds of meditations, rituals are best supported with this new moon? Thanks Nadia