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Vedic astrology – New Moon in Scorpio

Filed in News by on November 20, 2014 • views: 8880

Vedic astrology – New Moon in Scorpio –  November 22

On The 22nd 2014 there will be a new moon in Scorpio, in the Nakshatra of Anuradha. This new moon joins Venus and Saturn, implicating long-term commitments and a sense of beauty and pleasure.

Vedic astrology – New Moon in Scorpio –  November 22 – VIDEO


Vedic astrology - New Moon in Scorpio

Vedic astrology – New Moon in Scorpio

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Scorpio is a sign of strengthening our fears and insecurities, both in our self and others. At best we are self-contained, with emotional mastery. At worst, a counterfeit version of mastery arises where we try to control others and situations externally.

Scorpio – Emotional mastery through authentic self-control

Scorpio is the area of life where we imagine the worst can happen: the things we love the most, that connects us to our heart and the life force itself, will eventually get taken from us. This thought terrifies us. Think about it: what are you terrified of losing, and how does this terror affect the situations and people involved?

Scorpio shows an awareness of vulnerabilities, in ourselves and others. When unevolved, Scorpio energy keeps others in line, by “stinging” them where tey are the most vulnerable. But there is a price to pay for this manipulation, as eventually others become immune to the sting. When more evolved, our own insecurities are strengthened and that poison becomes an elixir – and we support others with great compassion, after having seen their weakness.

These are the deeper questions we need to answer in Scorpio if it’s promise (in Western astrology at least) of “rising from the ashes”  will ever be realized.

Probing our own fears and insecurities in this way leads to enormous richness in all areas of life. For the next 30 days, beginning on November 22, these issues will be up for us.

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus influence

Throughout this cycle, Jupiter will be influencing adding God’s grace and wisdom. Now’s a great time to rely on your higher principles and philosophies, and the teachers associated with them.

Venus brings the desire for mutual respect and accommodation. Yet too often, when Venus is in Scorpio, our fears overwhelm this faculty. Pay close attention to how your relationships with people are damaged by obsessions and projected fears.

Saturn brings the desire for control and self protection. This brings a feeling of isolation that may lead to loneliness, especially if you have been fearfully clutching to things for the last few years. However,  The Saturn transit also gives the gift of solitude, and facing those fearful parts of our self with courage. Saturn has just begun a 2 1/2 year transit through Scorpio, compelling us to reality and introspection regarding this Scorpio process I have outlined.

Nakshatra of Anuraadha – Ruled by Mitra – God as Divine Friend

This New Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Anuradha, ruled by Mitra,  the  Incarnation of God as the “divine friend”. There’s enormous healing medicine in this concept, for me at least. Many of us have a hard time approaching “God”. It seems like something so abstract, too big, too unapproachable – Especially as we are too aware of our own foibles and shortcomings. We make so many mistakes, we fall so short of ourselves and we know this.

However, anyone who is ever been in the presence of the divine being realizes how much compassion they have for us and how happy it makes them to see us make any progress whatsoever – much like our friends. In fact,  some of the highest qualities in each of us emerge when we are in that role of being a friend. We are very noble with our friends, we don’t judge them, we relate as equals and put that sort of “protective arm” around them in any way we can.

We don’t do this because we are their “teacher”, for example. We do it out of a deep respect, and they can feel it. A good friend can set us straight. We will listen to them, knowing their words ring true, because they have no agenda or interest in us.

By contrast, romantic relationships and other type of relationships have a hierarchy or cross purposes involved that make us wonder. This is powerful medicine now.

  • Connect to yourself as a divine friend and notice the difference between how  those noble qualities of you emerge when there’s more detachment.
  • Notice how your desire for an outcome with another person corrupts the purity of that situation, such as in a romantic relationship.
  • Ask yourself, “are you still friends with your romantic partners from the past?”

Introspect honestly now. You may feel the deeper qualities of Scorpio emerge in you and a deeper compassion for yourself and others will come forth.

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  1. Bob Marley says:

    Don’t be embarrassed to show emotion. It takes strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of others 🙂