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New moon in Aries – April 18, 2015

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New moon in Aries – April 18, 2015

The Moon will be new in Aries on Saturday April 18, 2015. This New Moon will initiate the 30 day Aries cycle for 2015 – a time of New Beginnings and rebirth.

New moon in Aries – April 18, 2015 – Video

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New Moon in Aries
This New Moon is representative of a “new year”, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and a rebirth of sorts. Now is a time to dedicate yourself to the highest action. This usually requires you face some personal weakness, and overcome it.New_MOon_in_Aries.m4v

New Moon in Nakshatra of Ashwini
Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by the twin horses. They have to do with speed of implementation. But they may also be a bit scattered. It is important to “yoke” these two horses together, otherwise your energy may be going in several different directions. In a more metaphysical sense, this Nakshatra has to do with the flow of prana in the mind and body.

Exalted Sun
The sun is exalted in Aries, decided instinctive action. We are supposed to instantly act on that highest good within us, that greatest light and power within us. Thus, now is a great time to implement the highest vision you have of yourself.

Mars in Own Sign
There’s enormous courage flowing now, as Mars is in his own sign, Aries as well. So, not only do we have the consistent vision of the sun to guide us now, but we have the courage of Mars to face down enemies and obstacles.

Mercury with 2 Malefics
You must be careful about speech/communication issues. As Mercury is in Aries, and join both the Sun and Mars, both fiery planets, there may be a tendency to speak harshly or to be impatient. Make sure to slow down and listen closely to what people are telling you, and make sure your words are clear and not cutting.

A Quick Story to Illustrate Aries Energy
A donkey and a rooster were in a straw-yard together when a Lion, desperate from hunger, approached. He was about to spring upon the donkey, when the rooster crowed loudly. It is said the lion has a strong aversion to the roosters loud crow, so hearing the rooster, the Lion fled away as fast as he could.

The donkey, observed the lion fleeing at the mere crowing of a rooster. So, the donkey summoned the courage to attack the lion, and galloped after him for that purpose. He had run a short distance, out of earshot of the rooster,  when the Lion, turning about, seized the donkey, and tore him to pieces.

The moral:
False confidence and impetuosity often leads into danger.
Use discrimination (Mercury) to pick up the correct clues from your environment.

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