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New moon in Gemini Jupiter in Leo

Filed in News by on July 7, 2015 • views: 76337

New moon in Gemini Jupiter in Leo
On July 15 the Sun and moon will come together and be New in Gemini, in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu – which means “return of the light”. In addition, Jupiter will be established in Leo for the first day (Sidereal), where he will be until August of 2016. This marks an important long-term trend for the next year. In addition, Mercury will pass Mars for the last time in this current cycle.

New moon in Gemini Jupiter in Leo – Video


New Moon in Gemini

Speech, communication and growing in intelligence will continue to be big themes for the next month. Yet this is the second New moon in Gemini, so there will be a quality of Cancer to this next 30 days. Integrating ideas into the heart ill be important .. the process of Gemini into Cancer.  Of course this will occur for each sign a little differently.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter is the planet of great teachings and the teachers who spread them. He will now be in Leo for the next 13 months. This shows a shift away an introspective, emotional approach toward a more fiery one. You may be inspired to act on your teachings and really get behind your principles. But there may also be a more fundamentalist, dogmatic application seen. We can already see as re-emergence of fiery rhetoric from the Pope (a Jupiterian figure if there ever was one), declaring that Money / capitalism is the new “Golden Calf”, assailing Capitalism (the world’s true religion). Republican politicians claiming divine intervention, etc. We are seeing a strong pushback against what many in the US may see as a “moral decline” – Supreme court making gay marriage a right, the celebration of Caitlin Jenner. Look for a political season of clear moral choices.


Also, Jupiter in Cancer will have a quality of financial consequences and (hopefully) correction. As seen by the “Greek crisis” and their refusal to be bailed out. We may see a trend toward more fiscal responsibility, or the consequences for NOT being responsible.

Mars / Mercury Conjunction

We can see a lot of fiery rhetoric, as well as concord that shows the Mars/Mercury in Gemini conjunction. In particular we can see the very recent Iran nuclear deal as an example of an agreement being worked out amidst the fire. As predicted by this astrologer a few months ago, the emergence of Bernie Sanders is also a positive example of this trend. Recent battles over ideas, such as the “Confederate flag”, Gay rights upheld by the SCOTUS” are also examples. Yet on the other side of these gains are the losers in the debate. Those opposed to these “Liberal” causes.

Not to mention, what many consider to be the real issues NOT being discussed or scrutinized as we cheer or deride these social causes – the fast track trade deal and other behind the scenes events, where power is truly being concentrated more and more. We also had a very under-reported story about a massive computer hacking incident, where a group that hacks for the “bad guys”, got hacked themselves. This could be really bad.

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  1. Melly Fay says:

    Thank you Sam! Where do I register for 1 penny and also how do i pay for that $4.97 deal? Is there a number I can call and do over the phone

  2. Minnie2Moor says:

    As a Leo as if having K in 2nd house isn’t bad enough in BC with Taruss rising Jupiter in Cancer 3 HSE., Leo in 4 HSE with meaning yes 5th with sun Pluto mars and Venus, then Mercury Virgo and Leo in 65 house and Saturn in 76 Libra with Saturn, R 0.16 Sag. Capricorn, and Moon in 10/11Aquarius at 01:09 minutes Leo. No light. Moon on Sun in 45 hous and K 0.16 minutes Gem. HSE 2, My life ??? Struggling is constant never in nearly 60 years have I had such bad news. To look directly in with such an emotionally charged sky.I am feeling hopeless and depressed. But still hanging. This is god laughing at me? Neptune as a birthday ruler. Disparity or I might just get lucky. Hahahaha.yeah. I hope no one eles got anything close to this BC.I will not wish it on the worst enemy. I wish I just get out and meet people. However I am so depressed and emotional with my current situation I don’t. All seem to feel like doing is crying. I need a miracle. NOW! haha Anyone eles have this?