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Nine Nights of the Divine Mother – Navratri

Filed in News by on October 7, 2013 • views: 2349

Nine Nights of the Divine Mother – Navratri

The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother Celebration began on Saturday, and will play out for the next week or so. This is a time to celebrate the sacred feminine principle here on earth in its 3 forms.

Nine Nights of the Divine Mother – Navratri VIDEO


The Divine Mother principle incarnates through the 3 qualities of life (three Gunas) like this:
Tamasic – Durga / Kali
Rajasic – Laxshmiyoutube-9night
Sattwic – Saraswati

The Navratri celebration is symbolic of how life evolves and how we must overcome darkness in order to embrace the light.

First we must destroy fear, anger and darkness (Tamasic).
Then once darkness is destroyed peace and love settle into our heart.
Finally, only after peace and love settles into our can we actually receive a good teaching.

Before we are purified by this process, all of our enjoyments and teachings will be mixed with pain, attachment (Tamas) and selfishness (Rajasic).

The first of the three nights – mantras to Durga.
Om Dum Durgayaia Namaha

The second of the three nights – mantra to Lakshmi.
Om hrim Mahalakshmyai Namaha

The third of the three nights – mantra to Sarasawati.
Om Aim Saraswatyai Namaha


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  1. Jeanine Ligon says:

    Namaste Sam: very loving presentation regarding the three forms of the divine mother. I personally am a devotee of Ahladini Shakti, the highest form of Divine Love – Prema Bhakti. Watering the roots of the tree will affect the entire tree and then it will bear fruit. The order in which you presented the three aspects of Shakti was wonderful and I will meditate on those aspects of myself that must be purified, then meditate on all that I have been graced with to enable me to do my saddhana and then remain open to giving that which I have been so generously given by the Lord/Lordess! Hari Bol! Namsankirtan … Chanting the names of the Lord with love will set us free. Jeanine

  2. Anita says:

    I think I would prefer different accompanying music…
    it was so enlightening!

  3. Kirit |Vora says:

    s there any similarity between vedic energies/saktilike Radha Rani, Yog Maya, Tathastha sakti, Maha Maya, vidya maya, avidyamaya, durga, laxmi, saraswati & scientific energies like electron magnetism, gravitational force, strong energy, weak energy, dark mattter, dark energy, space & time,light, sound etc ?. If yes, could u throw some more light to understand the 3 Basic Gunas.

  4. Sej says:

    Hi Sam
    There are only 9 days in total this year where both the 9th and dusshera (10th) day fall on the 9th day celebration I.e there is 1 day less. I’m not a expert like you but my elders told me many years ago that this is reflective on the overall year and whenever there are days missing it is inauspicious
    What are your thoughts with regards to this ?

  5. Patricia says:

    This teaching speaks to the heart of what I am experiencing right now, the inner imperative to dissolve the darkness of the mind, abide in contentment and love & realize the highest wisdom. Thank you Sam for the way you pour out Truth; Divine Mother speaks through you. I LOVE Navaratri, but this year it is more meaningful & catalytic then ever. Jai Ma!