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Pisces Full Moon | Eclipse October 8, 2014

Filed in News by on October 6, 2014 • views: 2441

Pisces Full Moon | Eclipse October 8, 2014

In the early morning hours of October 8 the moon will be eclipsed by the South node in Sidereal Pisces, in the Nakshatra of Revati.

Pisces Full Moon | Eclipse October 8, 2014 – Video

Screenshot_5_19_14_12_59_AMeclipse_1-620x400Eclipses  involving the South node connect us with hidden, mystical knowledge that often gets covered over by the distractions of the outer world. A big reason why this current total transit is so auspicious is because Ketu and Pisces are naturally aligned with mysticism and secret, forgotten knowledge.

The moon eclipsed now, in Pisces and joined Ketu, brings the potential for enormous metaphysical/mystical perceptions, insights and experiences. Of course, all of that sounds hunky-dory to all of us “spiritual people”. But the spirituality of Pisces is not just some “feel good” concept of the world. We’re talking about *full on surrender* and letting go of your personal identity, deeper than yourself as a separate person all amped up on “feeling good”. By the way, that “feel-good” experience is called the Satwic Guna, and it also binds us to karma, albeit an uplifting cycle of karma.

But eventually that also must be cast aside if we are to ascend to the truth of who we are. In fact, the hope/disappointment of the world is related to the Sattwic Guna, and deeply related to Jupiter (ruler of Pisces). It is through aiming high, feeling good, and being disappointed, that our soul realizes that nothing of this Earth will be 100% fulfilling. All of these ideas conspire now, because it is Ketu that withdraws from the world as a result of this realization and disappointment.

Both Ketu and Pisces are about letting go of things, rather than feeling loss and sadness over the inevitable disappointments and losses of life. In fact, those losses are catalysts for the deepest breakthroughs we have in life. But we must be willing to have maturity and be a grown-up. Given the current dignity of Saturn (still exulted in Libra) that maturity is within our grasp.

Cultivate Trust and Surrender
Now (And for the next six months) is a great time to cultivate more surrender around whichever house Pisces falls from your ascendant. Your relationship to these things is being transformed and dissolved whether you know it or not. Now is a time for you to bring that hidden expertise and soul experience to bear on this important area of life. It also coincides with the area of life for you are naturally ready to surrender and dissolve (Pisces).

Revati and the Deity Pushan
The eclipse happens in the Nakshatra of Revati, ruled by shepherd God Pushan. According to Myth, Pushan had his teeth knocked out by Lord Shiva, making him toothless and therefore harmless. He is the shepherd who helps the weary travelers find their way home after a long journey (around the zodiac for instance). There’s a strong connection to animals and caring for them/selfless love. This is also a Nakshatra of wealth, showing the connection between love, service and money flowing. They are all forms of energy and truly affirm the principle of “what comes around goes around”. I promise you, the more you are aligned with helping the most people, the more money will flow to you as a result.

A Few Questions:

  • Do you find yourself waking up from a dream that disappointed you?
  • Do you feel the true beauty of being “liberated” from that delusion?
  •  How much of what you give is related to what you receive? (Try giving to more and more people, without expectation of reward, and see how much more you receive)
  • ADVANCED: Do you Notice how these things are connected to the house (counted from your ascendant) occupied by Ketu?

* If you want to know the specific things in your life where you need to bring more surrender, for the next six months or so, you can sign up for my member site, only one penny HERE

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