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Rahu and Ketu Change Signs – Moving into Virgo and Pisces

Filed in News by on July 13, 2014 • views: 3196

Rahu and Ketu Change Signs – Moving into Virgo and Pisces

The Nodes will move from the Libra / Aries Axis into the Virgo / Pisces axis from July 14, 2014 until January 9, 2016 (True Node Calculation, Lahiri Ayanamsha).

Rahu and Ketu Change Signs – Moving into Virgo and Pisces – VIDEO


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Rahu and ketu change signs approximately every 1.5 years. They entered the Libra/Aries axis in January 2013, joining Saturn. Since that time we have all felt, both personally and globally, an emphasis on more respectful relating. Whether in our personal relationships or our tolerance / intolerance for the choices and values of all, we have been stretched.  

EXAMPLE: Gay Rights / Marijuana Use / Women’s Rights
We have seen examples of this culturally / globally in the news. In the US gay right’s and their ability to marry shifted suddenly and swiftly once Rahu joined Saturn in Libra. In India, cultural awareness pivoted to the plight of women and the danger of rape, and the need for reform. Additionally, theme such as marijuana use, immigration, and other issues related to personal liberty have been up for grabs. More moderate leadership in Iran, and an easing of tensions also occurred. Yet, these advances also met with enormous opposition, showing the hard work that still lies ahead.

Virgo / Pisces – Rahu / Ketu – Practical Mysticism.
Rahu, as being the “information seeking” head of the Node does very well in Mercury ruled Signs. In Virgo, it slows down the gathering process, looking more for practical applications through ritual and method.

Ketu in Pisces is quite and mystical placement, as Ketu is not really of this world and neither is Pisces. Thus the placement of Rahu and Ketu in this axis is most conducive for implementing the advanced we have made spiritually, through daily routines.


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