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Relationships – June 6-13

Filed in Uncategorized by on June 6, 2010 • views: 1543

Relationships are bolstered by an exalted moon in Taurus this week and venus entering cancer. Although that also spells a blurring of the boundaries that often leads to confusion.[hana-flv-player video=””
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Comments (2)

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  1. Wende says:

    Informative video. Moon in Aries has been particularly helpful for me to establishing communication with friends. Not been negative or friction oriented so far. Let see what the next few days bring.

    OF course I like being able to establish my wishes over

    negotiating w/others. So I'm happy with the next few days I would think. I know that doesn't sound very diplomatic but I like having things done my way if I can help it. Who wouldn't

    Thinking of one who is struggling today with her issues/ I was able to provide insight, depth and better understanding of life. She is so grateful for my help. With this transit I am more able to establish my talents thru my verbal communication skills. I have mercury, venus and sun in Aries in 3 house. Well like or not thats my thought on that one.

    Best Wishes Always


  2. Wende says:


    I wanted to follow up with a few more thoughts on this day.

    IRecently I learned that Uranus conjunct Jupiter this day June 8th. Is Uranus considered in Vedic astrology as an outer planet? Or is it consider more often Western astrology methods. Or simply Universal?

    At any rate I had that moment where I felt that wave of spiritual awakening at least thru my ability to be compassionate and giving insight. I mentioned in above statement. maybe not as strong as I thought. My friend helped bring this awareness to fruition for me at that moment in time.