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Relationships – Update 8/7/09

Filed in News by on August 7, 2009 • views: 576

8/7-8/8 – moon in Aquarius. Relationships may be a little challenged with the Moon in a sign ruled by Saturn. You may be moreĀ  interested in connecting with people in a more detached manner. In fact, there may be a little bit of depression and a lack of confidence on these days.

8/9-8/10 – moon in Pisces. This is a good time to explore creative connections with your partner — also spiritual connections. Your shared value systems will be important, but they may be a point of contention rather than harmony. Jupiter retrograde and debilitated will also indicate this.

8/11-13 – moon in Aries. Aries is related to starting new projects and individuality. Many times there can be arguing and more of a desire to clarify your individuality rather than have it watered down by compromising in your relationship. Perhaps some shared activities and sports would be good to do with your partners.

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