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Vedic Astrology Case Study – Space Probe Lands on Speeding Comet

Filed in News by on November 9, 2014 • views: 10556

Vedic Astrology – Space Probe Lands on Speeding Comet  

This has got to be one of the coolest things ever! The European space agency just landed a space probe on a moving comet. This will allow us to study firsthand the nature of comets, their composition, and possibly their influence to life on earth and other planets.

Vedic Astrology – Space Probe Lands on Speeding Comet – VIDEO

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It was a highly complicated mission, which combined having to travel/match the speed of the comet itself (Which took 10 years to accomplish). Also,  there was the problem of trying to land on an object with virtually no gravity – and instead having to find a way to “hook” to the comet.


Astrological Analysis – Aries/Mars – Raja Yogas 
I thought it would be a fascinating astrological case study, as this probe was first launched more than 10 years ago. As indicated by the chart above, the mission began on March 2, 2004. At that time there was a importance’s deli am of planets in Aries. Most notably, Mars and Rahu were in Aries between 19 and 25°. They were aspected by retrograde Jupiter in Leo, Who was also aspect in the sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

The approximate time of confirmation that the comet landed was the 12th, 2014 at approximately 4:05 PM UTC. At that time Aries was rising, with Mars in the ninth house of Sagittarius –  a sign of exploration and discovery. Chart ruler Mars is also forming a Raj Yoga, as the  first house ruler in the ninth house. In addition, the sun was forming a Raj yoga in Libra (fifth house ruler in the seventh house) Also, Jupiter was forming a Raj yoga (ninth house ruler in the fourth house, joined the fourth house ruler). Therefore all three Dharma house rulers are forming Raj Yogas.

A Few Other Factors – Planetary War – Saturn and Jupiter Connections
There is a planetary war involving Venus and Saturn. The rules for planetary war are complex and contradictory. I generally have seen that the planet with the lowest ecliptic longitude wins the war. There is also a rule that “Venus always wins” because of her brightness. In both of these cases, Venus would be defeating Saturn in the planetary war, in Scorpio.

Saturn being cold and hard, related to rocks and ice, and Scorpio being watery, and related to speed (ruled by Mars) is fascinating and clearly shown. Venus RULES water (Bhuta – Karaka) and thus, the potential of Saturn to “break things” gets defeated by Venus care. Also, Scorpio lives in holes. In order for the probe to stay on the comet a hole must be drilled into the cold, hard ice.

Also, it is interesting to consider in the inception chart there was a Saturn/moon conjunction, Showing a long process that needed to unfold. In the Chart of “success”, we see Jupiter joined the Moon –  showing fruition Of the initial desire and the potential for learning and greater wisdom.

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