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Sun Ketu – Venus in Aries – Mercury in Pisces

Filed in News by on March 29, 2015 • views: 43609

Sun Ketu – Venus in Aries – Mercury in Pisces

There are several key conjunctions and configurations in the sky right now, as we teeter totter in between two eclipses.

Sun Ketu – Venus in Aries – Mercury in Pisces – Video

Sun/Ketu Conjunction
This conjunction is now underscoring the need to get to the True Self, not the worldly, embodied self. Unfortunately we hardly ever experience this true self, except in moments of absolute  stillness. Instead, we experience the power of the sun as some limited, external power we had in the world – usually in relationship to others (who tend to dilute our feeling of personal power). This is why the sun is considered a “general maelfic”, because it separates us from others. Yet, it is the only thing worth being connected to.

Ketu with the Sun is showing the need for Self mastery, that often shows up as an impossible standard of perfectionism. If we are conscious, we turn that toward ourselves and evolve, if unconscious we torch others for failing to live up to our standards.


Venus in Aries/Venus joined Mars.
This placement of Venus refers to the “shadow” of Libra. Meaning, the unconscious pattern of Libra (to compromise without knowing our own values) can be snapping back very hard since Venus entered Aries on March 11. Venus is where we want communion with others, and the fast-track to that connection is compromise. However, we need to honor our values equal to others, not as subservient to them. The real shadow of this “Libra snapback” is the righteous indignation that justifies our disrespect of others. We may be telling others, “I am just giving you what you deserve, after tolerating all of your bad behavior”, When it’s possible they did not even know we were harboring these resentments. Venus/Libra always needs to be careful of this “martyr complex”, that justifies our disrespect of others, after we have slid on our own principles.

Virgo Lunar eclipse
On April 3 in the United States we will experienced a lunar eclipse, as balancing the recent solar eclipse in Pisces. As I advised at the time, we need to be careful to not completely destroy something, as we would need to be picking up the pieces of couple weeks later. Virgo is literally where we try to put the pieces back together. So, if you have completely destroyed something in your life, I hope it’s something you didn’t want. You may be feeling pretty bad trying to put the pieces back together as that Virgo lunar eclipse nears. (and also shortly after as the moon will be hemmed between Rahu and Saturn, then debilitated join Saturn)

Debilitated Mercury
Mercury is now debilitated, showing some confusion about how to organize the details in our life, and confusion about how to share and communicate what we feel. This is important now especially, because the lunar eclipse is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. You may have a hard time understanding what recent events mean, or how to make sense of them now.


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  1. mac says:


  2. mac says:

    For this Scorpio ascendant w/Ketu in Mars dasa, this video hit so many points. Instead of doing something irretrievable, I moved big work tables around in my place and then moved some back to their original spots when the space was too cramped….ansty to get going with this Mars energy but details are not in place. Slippin’ & slidin’. Whoa Nelly! That’s some of it.

    • mac says:

      Meaning, the physical space & moving work tables are a microcosm of inner & outer worlds. watching Sam’s video(s) tops it off with the needed insight to learn from it all.

  3. Caroline says:

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into describing these energies. So much clarity!