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The Inner and Outer Zodiacs and The Hidden Mysticism of Vedic Astrology

Filed in Featured Articles, News by on May 6, 2010 • views: 4517

Through the Aeons of time, life was created. In the blink of an eye we have appeared in the Living, Divine Universe. Who are we really? What is astrology? Is it a science? Is it Superstition? What are the connections between Predeterminism and Freewill? Do you think the answers to these questions are impossible to know? Think again.

As above, so below. And yet there is so much more to this statement than meets the eye. Learn the science of spirituality and astrology in this class.

Astrology and astronomy are intrinsically connected.

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ONLY $24.94

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  1. Lakshmi says:

    The Inner and Outer Zodiacs and the Hidden Mysticism of Vedic

    Astrology……Loved the class …. I am enjoying and respecting

    you more and more everyday as a teacher. You are a wealth of

    information and inspiration.

    Thank you.

  2. Lela says:

    Thank you for providing such concrete information for understanding form in astrology.Easy to follow,understand, apply and integrate. .

  3. Tree says:

    This is the message I've been waiting for. Now I can "relax into the arms of the universe" and do my best to pass my tests. I could really relate to the anology of the "School of Earth" as my chosen field is education. (…in particular curriculum development for environmental education and nature based education for school children) I will now focus less on "trying to figure everything out" and more on "cultivating my divine wisdom." Thanks so much Sam.


  4. Theresa says:

    thank you , i learn so much from your classes

  5. sunita says:

    sam the video is not playing after 54 minutes. it is coming back to !The lecture is fabulous and I am dying to hear the rest of it.

  6. sam says:

    I am not sure why you are having a problem, but the video is fine.

  7. Jaya says:

    Good class thanks Sam! One thing I feel I differ about is I feel that our soul knows what our divine plans are but a curtain or veil is put over our consciousness so that we are not influenced by that knowledge.

  8. Sam says:

    "One thing I feel I differ about is I feel that our soul knows what our divine plans are but a curtain or veil is put over our consciousness so that we are not influenced by that knowledge."

    i don't feel we differ about that.. I agree with those words.

    "I feel that our soul knows what our divine plans are but a curtain or veil is put over our consciousness so that we are not influenced by that knowledge."

    "Our divine plans" are shown by the planets,.. filtered through our ego / and the illusion of separateness as you describe as, "but a curtain or veil is put over our consciousness so that we are not influenced by that knowledge."

    The difference between this universal wisdom (as shown by the full power of what the astrology planets, signs and house mean) and the portion of that our ego understands of it is the growth edge of our suffering.

  9. Wende says:

    Thank you for the very in depth and riveting definition of Hidden Mysticism of Vedic Astrology. Really enjoyed it! Relax into the arms of the universe or take action is always a dilemma, at least for me. The study of astrology helps those interested be better prepared or at least aware for those "test" you mentioned in your lecture.

  10. Gabor Varga says:

    It is amazing how you put things together with chakras and zodiac and energies! All magic. "Free will is an illusion". TRUE! I have been thinking and even writing about it. I believe so we have no free will but to decide when we want to do things and weather to express divine energy or not which is consciousness and continues conscious decision in the predetermined energy flow. Wired but I believe so.

    Great, thank you very much brother! Namaste.

  11. Dawn says:

    Wow Sam,

    You are such an amazing teacher. This class was fantastic. It really cleared up a lot of things for me. I look forward to your next class. Thank you for being so generous with your teachings!

  12. Sam says:

    "Relax into the arms of the universe or take action is always a dilemma, at least for me."

    Wende, it is not an "either/or" choice. You MUST always act – inaction is impossible as you are always choosing something – what we call "freewill"..

    It is about rememebring who you are, regradless of what you do.. in many ways the "what" is not so relevant.. the "who" is.

    This is what the Bhagavad Gita is about.. Never forgetting the doer behind the actions.

    But first we have to awaken the real doer. That is where most are confused.

    We hear these words and we believe in the ideas, then stop there. Knowing the doer is an experience, not an idea. it takes patience, introspection and meditation.

  13. EnigmaRaja says:

    Its always good to get another perspective on Astrology.How does your time line of creation[108 Sun & Moon] fit in with the different Yugas?

  14. Sam says:

    Enigma Raja,

    It is not "my" timeline of creation..

    It is based on scientific / geologic records.

    The Yugas are hard to figure and Sri Yukteswar (Yogananda's guru) broke them out into something more workable 100 years ago.

    They are more related to human time cycles according to him.. thousabds of years.. not hgundreds of thousands..

    Yukteswar was an enlightened master.

    His Yuga scheme closely correlates to the changes we see now, and also shows congruence with the Mayan calendar and 2012.

    I hesitate to say more now, because I don't know your acquaintance with these things and it is very involved.

  15. DEV says:

    Sam, Just wanted to update you that the link to buy your mega cd of classes is not working perfectly.I dont have paypal account hence wanted to buy the same with credit card but upon putting the iteam in cart I am unable to order them as the windows shows that your you cannot buy with the given credit card.I have tried another credit but even then there is same error.

  16. Sam says:


    the link is working – more than 50 people have used it so far.

    Sorry you are having trouble.

  17. Gabor Varga says:

    The CD looks great! I am re-filling my card and getting it for sure!

    This kind of hand made cd are far best than anything…I can see it from the folders…All hand picked and home made! 🙂

    Looking forward to it.

  18. EnigmaRaja says:

    Thank you Sam, I am well acquainted with the Yugas through different Vedic texts & also did read many years ago about Sri Yukteswars ideas on this matter. Even scientific/geological data is not infallible.

    • Sam says:

      Enigma Raja,

      I would like to hear more specifics about what you are questioning.. (if that is what you are doing. It sounds like it.)

      For the most part the general time line of the evolution of species on Earth is pretty solid.. just assessing the past. Not too hard for our human brain and to just say "Even scientific/geological data is not infallible", as if to vaguely call something into question is not very persuasive to me or clear about what point you are making.

      Are you saying carbon dating and other geological methods are wrong?

      If so, based on what facts?

      And why do you think that, since you say you are familiar with Yukteswar's Yuga scheme. What is incongruent to you?

      Do you disagree w/ Yukteswar? (which is fine too, I am just not sure what your angle is because it does not make sense to me as I understand it now).

      You see, I am not really into just vaguely pointing at something with no facts. I investigate and test the facts. The more I investigate facts, the more correlations I see to mysticism behind it.

      I do not condone "blind skepticism" of the Western sciences any more than i appreciate "blind skepticism" of astrology. (not saying that is you by the way, I am just curious about your take on this and what appears to just be some general skepticism in the face of what is obvious).

      The Moon moves 1.25 inches per year away from the Earth (based on the current movement), putting it in the "108" vibration in the last 100K years.. 96K to be more exact..

      This correlates to the explosion of genus homo and of the modern worlds and cultures you are referring to that created the yugas, etc — including the Dravidian, Mohenjodaro (later Vedic).

      Since you say you are also familiar with Yukteswar's Yugas, then you also know this correlates well with his system.. so again I am not sure what you are referring to by asking for clarity on Yugas and then declaring: "Even scientific/geological data is not infallible".

      best wishes,


  19. Suparna says:

    Hi Sam.

    The way u teach is so lucid that its not at all difficult for even a lay person to understand. The class was very interesting.

    But all along( from the time when I started having questions in my mind about how or who is it that makes us think in a particular way or behave in a particular way and questions about lot of other things)I knew from within, that its Sri Krishna who is in control of every being and every situation. From the age of 8, I have been under the protection of my Gurudev who was a sadguru in a lineage of Guru's from Hansa Bhagawan, when Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a Hansa to teach the four manas putras of Lord Brahma.

    I enjoy your classes very much and pray that you keep up the good work.



  20. Phaniraj M Shastry says:

    Dear Sam,

    Very good presentation about astrology, awesome.

    As you said it right that every human being can understand what is happening and definetly he will get a sense what will it happen next moment through the nature, but he should belive in himself to understand that the indications what he is getting will happen.

    Every living thing is gifted with sixth sense and that living thing should believe in itself to understand what will it happen.

    As you have rightly said it is our karma which has brought us to this world and we have been controlled by invisible strings we have to do our job and not expect the results. You are very right.

    Every class of yours are moulding me and i am refreshing my knowledge on Astrology. Thanks and please keep sending me your presentations.

    Also what is the cost of CD in Indian rupees, is it possible to buy in indian currency.

    Loka Samastha Sukhinov Bhavanthu

    Samastha sanmangalani Bhavanthu

    Gurubhyo namaha

  21. Malin says:

    Thank you Sam for this class, you gave answers to many qustions that I've had regarding astrology and free will. I also enjoyed your class about rahu and ketu. You are a very carismatic and inspiring teacher.

    Kind regards,


  22. Monica says:

    Fascinating stuff, Sam!

    In the video you mention the differences between western astrology and vedic astrology. Can you comment if vedic astrology is similar to tibetan astrology? I've always been amazed by the accuracy of tibetan astrology that allows them to predict exactly when and where a reincarnation of a lama is going to be born. Thanks.

  23. Christopher Marcel says:

    Thank you Sam for all this info, it really got my mental facilities fired up. Having the knowledge and ability to communicate the reflective and unified qualities of our own astral bodies with those of the universal body is indespensible as a student of astrology and even more so as a student of life.

    My thoughts on fate vs free will: They are one and the same, they are our individual life experiences manifest as the active solar principle of destiny and the receptive lunar principle of willingness. Fate alone cannot show how one will experience lifes journey for it is just the mountain set out for us to climb and in the same way freewill cannot change the mountain for it is just the chosen route in the journey toward the summit.

    The way I understand it now is like this, destiny and freewill are not at odds at all. Freewill is not about imposing our own will upon divine will, it is about being willing to experience life free of denial and judgement. It is in this way that destiny itself acts to free our will from the constraints of the ego.

    Thanks again Sadasiva, your classes and website are awesome!


  24. Wende Goodman says:

    Now that you mention it on your newsletter head line “Do you ever wonder about how it all got here, I mean scientifically? The sun, moon etc…..”.

    Initially, I was wondering about your comment you made in your lecture. “No one really knows how the planets got here”. What about the BIG BANG Theory? I am not an astronomer. But the science text books and most museums that I have visited suggest that this is a valid theory. I guess I haven’t been keeping up!

    The question at hand always develops into …..Is there a SUPER LEVEL of intelligence responsible for all this outcome in our universe. Or are we just talking about the concept of religion?

    Thank you again for an amazing explanation on Astrology.


  25. kristy Cohen says:


    Truly amazing and inspiring on many levels, but especially your universal approach, not excluding other systems and simply seeking the truth of this amazing (gift) science! It is so refreshing, you empower us all when you show us that it isn't "something out there" but really our own illusions and how to look at it clearly.

    I was deeply moved…



  26. Kelly Lynn Anderson says:

    Hi Sam,

    I love this subject, my favorite, thank you. This was beautifully said, it helped me to put some pieces together in my mind relative to astrology, science and religion. It's all the same thing if you are doing it right!

    I also very much enjoyed hearing your poetic, mystical love for the Universe and its ways. I am learning a lot through you these days, although I don't agree that things that are unproven have no value. Pitta boy!! hehe I actually found you through a google search a couple (?) years ago. I was already appreciating you well before I realized you were also an Amma devotee. You are a blessing! Thank you.

    ~Om Namah Shivaya



  27. Sam says:

    Thank you Kristy and Wende and Malin and Christopher and Suparna.

    Monica, I do not know Tibetan astrology well enough to comment… Sorry.

    Phaniraj, You should be able to pay for the CD in whatever your currency is with the link here.

    best wishes,


  28. Shiv says:

    Hi, Sam. I was just wondering: what's YOUR birthdate? I'd like to know.

  29. Valarie says:

    Why the focus upon the Universe from such a singular perspective, when there are so many and various universes, in the multi-verse. The Universe does not revolve around the Sun, our Sun. The milky way is got a galactic center we are revolving around and are on a far off appendage of a whispy arm, looking back into the center between Scorpio's tail and Sagitarius' arrow. The galactic cross. Our celestial cross is only valad from our planet Earth. Stars are so far away, even though they are expanding rapidly from the original point of "The Big Bang" but relative to us they are fixed.

    Over eons you can see the movement, but who lives that long, and maybe our future generations may use our documents to get this perspective, if we can make it in tact through Earth changes to come, and if our current scientific process is maintained and passed down. Two long shots. History does not support this notion. Generally we are so affected by Earth changes that we get cultural amnesia from the shock of the event and start again from square one.

    Our understanding of universe seems to be like the belief of the people of Spain about the flat world theory; until Columbus faced the great ocean and the subconscious fear of the majority of the combined imagination of mankind in Europe. He was either brave, or had other insight, proof that was scientific to personally realize the danger would be limited to understood daily sailing realities.

    Our Universe assuming we are somehow describing the same reality (string theory and all…) is vast compared to "our shared" creation cradle starship Earth. The Moon, the Sun, are concerned solely with humankind of this planet it seems from our collective Ego human nature. One in a million of multi-billions of possibilities. Every other alien race is comprised and created according to their unique celestial identity of their unique universal placement.

    We are simple beings among all others who are simple beings. Astrology should be accessable to all and can be simple to understand, otherwise it is just another system put in place to control the minds and hearts of co-creators all over the universe of our world. Mind slaves. Don't worry, be happy. But follow the carrot, Mule.

    Thanks for helping to make the Science of Understanding, (as we do all Under stand the Celestial dance of the sky (stand under, get it?) grounded by the weakest force of all, Gravity, seemingly a powerful illusion to overcome, or is it? Jesus and some Saints, Dieties did overcome it.) a bit more delineated.

    I wonder if the songs and dances of the Indian culture that are there to instill subconscious recognition to the culture cannot be a part of your teaching or perhaps an offering to students seeking more. It might lighten things up a bit and spread a bit of lightheared joy with the lessons. They have such a rich interconnected culture. The children come to accept much more than our dogged logical progression from an outsider Western perspective.

    Just some rambling. Thanks for your work and your patience with perspectives like this.

  30. Sam says:

    Hi Valarie,

    I agree with the universal perspective you are "rambling" about.

    I have done a lot of studies on 2012 and the Galactic Plane, Mayan culture, etc. I also study and practice a lot with the Nakshatras (the divine stars)

    I definitely hold out the possibility that there are multidimensions co-existing with our in real time and as our perceptions increase these beings can be seen.

    Yet, what is there really to say about that, except to just say it? In truth I feel people go on too much about these "unproven" things way too much, especially in the modern "New-Age" movement (which is not really new at all).

    I notice that rather than dig deeply in to the hard work of excavating divinity in form on Earth, (through sadhana) many see form as separate from spirit or they tend to see them as separate or shun the hard work and necessary discipline of learning something with depth.

    It is much easier to just speculate endlessly about how it all may have happened, what may actually be in these imperceptible realms, etc..

    This video did not sum up my entire view of the universe. It is an attempt to show how what we do know about the Sun, Moon, Earth and planets is pretty miraculous and how that translates into life as we know it.

    In truth, I think that is more valuable than speculation. Because we live on Earth. That is the divine place we call home. And we have become REALLY disconnected from it..

    Valarie, If i were to disturb the balance of elements in your world by throwing you in the Ocean, or in the desert, or in a hurricane you would fight like hell for your divine life right here on this plane – right here on Earth.

    It is just as divine as anywhere else,, so why look so far for "multiverses".. they are all inside you anyway – hidden in the moment.

    I think we need now more than ever to reconnect to the amazing beauty that is right in front of us – inside of us – as us.

    I do not understand your suggestion about me offering Indian dancing and music (or something) to "lighten things up a bit" .. I am no one's guru – I am just sharing what is meaningful to me..

    I do not see where anything here at my website needs to be "lightened up" (except maybe you and all of your opinions,.. hah! 🙂

  31. Rima Sahdev says:

    all I can say is that this was a BRILLIANT


  32. Tree says:

    Hello Sam and Others,

    This class allows me the chance to ask some big questions. I ask them not as an argument or making a case for my opinion, but merely to ask. The question at hand is about the "divine creation of the universe" versus the "human interpretation of the universe." What I am trying to get at is a deeper understanding of how the universe works. I can see the logic of the scientific reasoning of the birth of the universe and the role of the sun and moon in creating life on planet Earth. I can see the correlation between the outer zodiac and the inner zodiac. But, how is it that each planet has a "dasha" "nature" "tendency on what they rule" or "planets as teachers of certain lessons." But who (what? how?)devised all these "lessons" "Dashas" "natures" etc? Are we giving our own human interpretation of what each planet means so that we can understand them in our own terms? Or are their "divine forces" at work? If there is then doesn't this take the "science" out of astrology and make it more like a religion?????

    How do we know that Mercury is the planet of communication?, Venus the planet of love and beauty?, Mars the planet of battles and wars?, Jupiter the planet of creativity and children?, Saturn the planet of dreams and thoughts, etc??? These ideas are based on ancient Greek mythologies or Vedic scriptures etc. whereby humanity has given traits to each planet and zodiac sign to suit our purposes, yes? Or is their a "divine source" that has assigned these tendencies to the planets? If so, how do we know?

    Wende Goodman asked the same question when she said, "Is there a SUPER LEVEL of intelligence responsible for all this outcome in our universe? Or is this the concept of religion?

    How do we separate the scientific facts of astronomy and astrology from the myth and the "religion" storyline? Is astrologic "cosmology" written by humans for humans or is it the hand of God?

    These are, of course, rhetorical questions, none of which can be answered fully, I realize that, but for the sake of the skeptics that dispute astrology as a manmade invention, I'd like to have a better explanation rather than "it is divine forces at work."

    Now, personally I believe that there are mystical, spiritual, divine forces at work that explain the "curriculum of the universe." But it seems like only those who have a spiritual belief system will go along with any form of astrology.

    Can someone who is an atheist go along with astrology??? I don't think so.

    Hope this question makes sense and that it spurs some good commentary.


  33. Sam says:

    Hi Tree,

    There is a point where you actually have to study, research and practice it.

    Astrology is not a belief system.. where human beings invented the interpretations.. if that were the case it would not work..

    The only people who ask / accuse astrology of being a religion are those who do not actually practice or study it.

    In this video I attempted to show a few scientific correlations between what is said about astrology and the natural world we live in and how science and spiritual / metaphysical practices are not two.

    There are many non-spiritual types who practice astrology as well, because it works scientifically.

  34. Savitri says:

    This is brilliant & inspired. I always have the sense you go into channeling mode and this stuff just pours into you and then out of your mouth. Astrology is every potential fulfilled already inherent in us. As above, so below. As outside, so inside.

    Thanks for integrating ancient mystical truths and science. This is transforming my world view altogether!

  35. Wende says:


    I'm spending some of my holiday enjoying studying astrology Its a privilege to do so!

    Astrology is the study of the divine universe that creates beings and experiences. Not just a system or method. Its all interrelated . Universal Astrology. Now I get it.

    I had to listen to this again now that I have some free time. Clearly one of your best videos. Its like one of those really good movies that no matter how many times you see it, there is still more to learn from.

    Many Thanks


  36. Marilyn says:

    Sam very much enjoyed this video and learning the significance of the number 108. A couple questions: 1. You mentioned that nobody knows the "divine spark of life." Wouldn't you agree prana-shakti is the creative force of the universe?
    2. You mention "We are all connected. The only thing that is not connected is our sense of separation and that is there for a reason." What does that mean? What is the reason?
    Thank you. You really get all our brains buzzing. 😉

  37. Srinivas Voleti says:

    Dear Sam,

    I accidentaly came across your website, and my interest is increasing in your classes; this one "Inner and Outer Zodiacs" is one of the best I have listened/read on astrology.

    Vedha Vyas said that skills such as Yoga, Gyan, Sankhya, Vidya, Shilpa, Veda, Shastra, Vigyanam are all lord Vishnu; yes indeed the source of our right thoughts is indeed lord Vishu.


  38. Joanna Jyoti says:

    Just finished watching this class.
    I want to thank you for putting so many things straight once again!
    I'm so grateful to the universe that made this connection.
    Much respect!

    PS and of course I ordered the CD!!!

  39. Tony says:

    Gee Sam, That was really Beautiful !

  40. I will definitely recommend this to my friends