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Vedic Astrology – Crimean Crisis

Filed in News by on March 6, 2014 • views: 2302

Vedic Astrology – Crimean Crisis

This Crimean crisis is a very dangerous situation right now and it’s rather remarkable coincidence that 60 years pretty much to the day that Nikita Khrushchev handed the Crimea over to Ukraine.

Vedic Astrology – Crimean Crisis – Video


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Russian President Vladimir Putin watches military exercises in Le

Here’s a quick article from the Russian newspaper, Pravda.

The transfer merited only a paragraph in Pravda, on February 27, 1954.

Here’s what it says:

 “Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet transferring Crimea Province from the Russian Republic to the Ukraine Republic, taking into account the integral character of the economy, the territorial proximity and the close economic ties between Crimea Province and the Ukraine Republic, and approving the joint presentation of the Presidium of the Russian Republic Supreme Soviet and the Presidium of the Ukraine Republic Supreme Soviet on the transfer of Crimea Province from the Russian Republic to the Ukraine Republic.”

This had been a part of Russia for centuries and then Khrushchev, in a very bewildering move, handed it over to Ukraine on February 27, 1954.

This is the astrology of that day — Saturn retrogrades at 16 degrees and Mars was actually in Scorpio also at 16 degrees. Here in February 27th, when Putin ceases the Crimea, Saturn and Mars were very close together, but this is a 60 years cycle so it is going to implicate Saturn pretty heavily.

Saturn was at the end of Libra (it’s about to go retrograde) and Mars was in Libra as well. A few days later, by March 2nd, both Saturn and Mars turned retrograde.

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