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Vedic astrology – Ferguson Missouri Unrest

Filed in News by on November 20, 2014 • views: 7904

Vedic astrology – Ferguson Missouri Unrest

On November 24 at a little past 8 PM in Missouri, it was announced that no charges would be brought up against police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Vedic astrology – Ferguson Missouri Unrest – VIDEO


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The announcement came just as sidereal Gemini was becoming sidereal cancer. Both ascendants have the ascendant ruler in the sixth house, showing the potential for unrest. This “sandhi” (transitional) energy is shown by the volatility of the events that followed.

When planets are changing signs, or the ascendant is changing signs, the energy becomes unsettled and potentially chaotic.

However, it is the opinion of this correspondent that Gemini is the more accurate ascendant for the beginning of the “announcement”, and Cancer the sign of emotional aggravation leading to unrest and violence later.

Exchange between the ruling planet and the Sixth house ruler
The Cancer ascendant also holds Jupiter, the sixth house ruler. This Jupiter is exchanging with the ruling planet, from the sixth house, obviously indicating conflict and turmoil linked to social justice. Jupiter is both the indicator of justice and the legal system, but also the ninth house ruler in this Cancer chart.

In addition, the ruling planet/Moon is passing through the galactic plane / the Nakshatra of Mula. This Nakshatra is related to the goddess Nirritti (similar to Kali), which literally means “chaos” or “calamity”. It is an asterism of change and turmoil.

This Moon is also joined Mars in the sixth house, adding courage and passion (as well as criminal intent/setting fires/destruction of property) to this volatility and explosiveness.

Nodes in the 4th and 10th house
Rahu in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th house of the event Indicates emotional frustration and explosiveness (rahu in the 4th), erupting in a public way (10th house) based on old,  entrenched issues from the past (Ketu).

May everyone be at peace.
May the unrest cease and justice be restored.

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