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Vedic Astrology – Friday January 24 – Sunday January 26

Filed in News by on January 13, 2014 • views: 2196

Vedic Astrology – Friday January 24 – Sunday January 26

Here on Friday, January 24th, the Moon is between Rahu and Saturn. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are pretty heavy days because the Moon is either joined Rahu and Saturn in Libra and then it goes into Scorpio over the weekend as well.

Vedic Astrology – Friday January 24 – Sunday January 26

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On Thursday, the Moon and Rahu were very close, then on Friday, the Moon is in between the two and on Saturday, Moon Vedic Astrologythe Moon is very close to Saturn. The Moon is our consciousness and how we feel and literally that open state where we all are absorbing and reflecting and there’s an inner sense of connection and intuition that goes between our limited experiences through the body in the world (shown by the ascendant) and the Sun (our universal self).

So between the ParamAtman (the supreme self) and the individual incarnation (the body), we have the Jivatman, the individual soul, not the supreme soul which is undifferentiated, but the individual soul which is the consciousness that goes with us from lifetime to lifetime, and that’s the Moon.

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  1. Veda says:

    Thanks Sam. It has really been a difficult time for me emotionally the last 2 days. Some exterior things happening to influence–but not to this extent. Good to get the jyotish perspective–particularly since I am currently going through Saturn-Rahu period. Making everything more difficult during this Saturn/Rahu conjunction in LIbra. Best wishes and thanks for all these helpful updates.

  2. Bulent Benbiliyorum says:

    Hello Sam, if I use Parashara’s Light version 7.0.1 I have Moon squeezed between Saturn and Rahu in Pisces in the 9th house. (Sa 27:41, Mo 25:18, Ra 24:38, with Sa AK and Mo AmK), Me in 12th house, Ju in 2nd house, and Sun between Mars and Venus in 11th house. Besides that I have a Kal Sarpa Yoga (and I think also a Shakti yoga according to Jaimini astrology, because of Mo-Ra conjunction in the 9th house of my birth chart and in the 8th house of Navamsha). In Navamsha Sa again in Pisces in 9th house conjunct Su, and Ra and Mo conjunct in 8th house. How heavy is that?
    I hope you will answer my question. Thank you in advance! By the way, I hope to be your student soon. 🙂 Kind regards, Bülent

  3. Hina says:

    Yes Sam, it has indeed been a very very tough time for me.I am going through one of the worst time in my life and these two days have been very intense. Now within a week mars is about to join saturn rahu in Tula.I am a cancer moon. Is there even more worst time ahead. Sam i would like u to do a consultation for me.Can u provide me the details.

  4. Darshanananda says:

    Thank you Sam! Great to hear all this in the middle of feeling terribly clearly those described effects in which as the Moon is instinctive I lost myself in reactions. And, yes, there was this hypnotic attachment with another person in which i felt every emotions of his being 6000 kms away, and the “imagined” but so realistically felt fear of going mad or being hit directly by the other’s heavy tamasic inner experiences which Rahu brings to my Moon especially because they are both now in my 4th house, and which i felt in similar way recently when it was in conjunction with a composite chart with this same another person. And the retrograde Venus which made me explore the healthy possibilities for this relationship which was trying to form and get clarified for the last month and a half, and on these heavy days seemed to burst into pieces not enduring the pressure… Astrology has always brought me out of my shell to look at what is happening objectively and from a distance, with some so needed detachment. Darshanananda
    Thank yo for your consistent efforts!