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Vedic Astrology Full Moon in Aquarius

Filed in News by on August 29, 2012 • views: 2264

On Friday August 31, 2012 – at approximately 7AM Pacific time – the Moon will be full in Aquarius, and show the harmonizing point of the current Leo Sun cycle. For the last couple of weeks, since the Sun entered Leo, we have been grappling with issues of personal power, and its resonance though our ego in the form of self-confidence – respect, etc. We are feeling the glories and pains along the axis of power and how much we have, where it comes from, how we use it, etc.

Full Moon in Aquarius Video

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Although in truth we are the blazing Sun, fully illumined, not just connected to the source – but the source itself,  we see ourselves as just a small candle – limited and concerned that our flame will be extinguished by another’s power. This mistake refers directly to the unintegrated part of Leo, the shadow Aquarius polarity – which wrongly asserts that somehow our individual glory is diminished by the glory of others.

When caught in this darkened self-perspective we seek to be defined and illuminated from the external world, rather than the internal glory that is not localized to any outer form, experience, result or incarnation. When living to satiate the personal, localized glory of the Sun, there will be ups and downs and inconsistencies with our deepest life purposes. We will play it safe and stay in the little box where we are already confident, staying in situations where we have enough power, money, skills and intelligence already. But in situations that demand more of us, that really compel us to step up in a bigger way and serve our highest joys and fullfillments, we will falter – due to the fear of failure or embarrassment or uncertainty.

We are meant to grow and push to the highest, to create unimaginably, compelled by fearlessness and sacrifice. This is not possible as long as the ego is trying to save its skin. This full Moon in Aquarius is a time to feel this polarity and integrate this shadow side of Leo.

The Empowered Aquarius Archetype
Aquarius is the sign where we make peace with the world and all its gains and losses, victories and defeats – because we have seen the nature of the world and the nature of Self – and that we are “in this world, but not of this world”.

After such clarity, the futility of the puny ego trying to protect its little candle of self-delusion against the flame of others simply drops, and the glory of the Self becomes aligned with the truth. Then it becomes a matter of how much we can empower others, and give our energy over to the joyous vision of truth we now realize.

Connecting our personal power to the highest good, without regard for our own personal glory – aversions, victories, defeats, is the highest Leo lesson. The full Moon in Aquarius brings the compassion for humanity and the feeling of appreciation for others and their glory as embodiments of G-d. This realization must be present if the Leo in each of us is to fulfill its mission as the “Good King” – one whose kingdom flourishes – rather than the tyrant who can only feel powerful when robbing the peasants and invading other kingdoms.

Shatabishak Nakshatra
This full Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Shatabishak, which literally means “100 physicians”.

This Nakshatra is where the poison of our fears and hypnotic attachments to life are transformed into the elixir of sacred medicine. This medicine takes the form of sacred teachings and healings that descend from the heavens.

The deity of this Nakshatra is Varuna, who brings the celestial rains from heaven and charges the atmosphere with static electricity, that leads to the lightning strike of awareness in the next Nakshtra of Purva Bhadra.

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