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Vedic Astrology – Mercury Direct in Capricorn

Filed in News by on February 11, 2015 • views: 35193

Vedic Astrology – Mercury Direct in Capricorn

Mercury is now direct in Capricorn. There are several news stories that show this shift pretty clearly, especially when we consider that this Mercury retrograde cycle was happening in opposition to Jupiter retrograde.

Vedic Astrology – Mercury Direct in Capricorn – VIDEO

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Vedic Astrology - Mercury Direct in Capricorn

Vedic Astrology – Mercury Direct in Capricorn

The Jupiter / Mercury principle draws out the contrast between our higher philosophies, principles and the those who lead us on that level – and the actual words and ideas that we must use to interpret and understand those things.

Blurring the Lines Between Real and Fake Leaders and News

There is an interesting blurring of lines between entertainment and serious new now. They are virtually indistinguishable in our current world.

“Serious journalists” regularly appear on late night talk shows to chat with comedians – and let us see their “personality”, then they pivot the next day to being a source of credible news.

Whereas some of the most popular entertainers these days have a powerful “message” associated with their humor. Their politics is just as important as their jokes, or in support of their clowning.

We saw this on display in vivid colors this week, as mercury turned direct, all the while aspected by retrograde Jupiter. Newsman Brian Williams was let go for 6 months after it was revealed that he exaggerated news stories over the years, including stories from the Iraq war and hurricane Katrina. Many of these exaggerations happened on TV shows (like Letterman), when he was talking more personally and informally – chatting if you will.

Also, Jon Stewart, host of the “Daily Show” on Comedy Central announced he would discontinue his show sometime later this year. His show is one where he is laughing at politicians and news outlets that are (mainly) conservative. He is a hero to those with a liberal bias.

Both are “media personalities”, but one is expected to be serious and credible, while the other is just supposed to make us laugh. But both are examples of a “change of direction”, but obviously done for different reasons and perspectives, from each person. We can see how Brian Williams karma was changed against his will, and Jon Stewart changed his life course by choice.

President Seeks Declaration of War on ISIS
Also, president Obama of US asked the Congress for a formal declaration of war against radical Islamic group ISIS – showing a (proposed) new course / change of direction in the “War on Terror”. Where we take draw up a formal declaration (Mercury) to vanquish this idealogical threat (Jupiter retrograde).

A Few Questions For You:
1. How has your inner and outer dialogue been shaped recently and maybe even “reversed” in the last few days?
2. Has your comprehension of and understanding of your teachings improved during that time?
3. Are you increasing unable to focus on serious issues, unless they are made “entertaining”?

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