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Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Sagittarius

Filed in News by on January 10, 2013 • views: 1794


The sun and moon will come together in Sagittarius on January 11, 2013. When the sun and moon come together is similar to when sperm meets egg and life is created. In this case, the 2013 Sagittarius life, for us all, is being created now.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, expressing his masculine side. Jupiter, the planet of growth, hope, and teaching becomes actively expressed in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The element of fire is about delineation and clarity, “This not That”.

Our beliefs take on that quality, or least they should. Even though this sounds judgmental, and modern sensibility discourages being judgmental, in truth we all judge things as good or bad. Our sense of judgment comes from Jupiter.

If we have no sense of right and wrong our life will be a complete mess. Whereas our guiding principles and beliefs are what give our life meaning and purpose. Certain people and situations naturally activate this Jupiter process. Having children automatically gives us a new sense of purpose, and usually inspires us to be a better person. This is why Jupiter is the indicator of children. Also, we have to teach our children, and in turn they teach us as well.

Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Sagittarius

Often, it is children that gives a romantic couple a sense of purpose and direction also. Many times, once the children grow up, and the couple have to face each other without that common purpose, a marriage ends. Relationships need a “Jupiter principle”, just like everything else in life, or else we think “what’s the point of this?”.

This new Moon in Sagittarius will raise many interesting questions as it relates to our sense of meaning and purpose, our relationships, and our capacity to understand our teachings, not just believe them blindly.

Mercury in Sagittarius

In addition to the sun and moon being in Sagittarius, Mercury, the planet of details, intelligence and speaking the truth is also in Sagittarius. It is Mercury who investigates our beliefs and wants them to make sense to us. In many ways, Mercury is opposite of Jupiter . You can think of Jupiter as a religious figure – inspired and hopeful – and Mercury as a skeptical scientist – hard to convince and detail oriented.

Indian belief systems are great because they are also scientific. For instance, yoga is not a religion, it is a practice. You do not have to believe in it in order to get the benefit. It is from India, but it is not just for Indians. Just like medicine developed in the West will work just as well on Westerners as easterners, yoga works just as well on Westerners as Indians, because it is science. You do not have to believe in aspirin in order for it to remove your headache. That beautiful mixing of theory (Jupiter) and practice (Mercury) is what leads to spirituality, not simply religion (Jupiter) – or science (Mercury). Teachings that do not make sense to us will be abandoned, or we will be a hypocrite about them.

The next month is a good time for you to investigate your beliefs and try to understand them literally,
not just in the abstract.




Vedic Astrology - New Moon in Sagittarius

Vedic Astrology – New Moon in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius
Venus is also in Sagittarius, bringing a lot of projected hopes and meaning into our personal interactions with others. Venus is the indicator of our romantic relationships and all adult interactions. Two adults with mutual desires on the line is the domain of Venus. Diplomacy, respect and patience are needed–and are often hard to come by when the other person stops making us happy.

Many times there are difficulties when Venus goes through Sagittarius, because people tend to disappointment us and fall short of our expectations. Then, we judge their actions and judge their character as being flawed and falling short of some cosmic ideal. We need to be very careful with others at this time. This is especially true given Saturn’s transit through Libra and his aspect on Sagittarius and all of these planets.

Uttara Ashada Nakshatra
This Nakshatra is ruled by the universal God’s/forces that determine all outcomes based on our seed intention, and how much love we give that intention. Based on our action (karma), desire (kama), sense of truth (dharma), commitment through time (kala), a result is produced, victory is guaranteed. Uttara Ashada means “guaranteed victory”, not ”guaranteed good thing we are telling ourselves we deserve, but are really not actually working toward”.

Your actions, desires, sense of truth and commitments are producing your life, guaranteed.
This Nakshatra begins in Sagittarius and culminates in Capricorn, the sign of consequences.


Sagittarius is a sign of hope and exploring the highest teachings for the highest good. But it may also make us ungrounded and disconnected from others, like a dogmatic religious figure. Or we may be unwilling to soil ourselves with those we feel are beneath our mighty standards of conduct and awareness.

Be careful of this. Because as was said, the next sign/cycle is Capricorn, the sign of consequences.

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  1. yamah says:

    still wanting to know what is happening with the weekly forecasts, as i have not found them since January began. i knew they were changing to monthly forecasts, yet am not recieving them. Missing not knowing what is up with the Moon and nakshatras, etc, Thank you, Sam,

    • yamah says:

      Thank you Sam, i am spoiled by these appearing in my inbox. Found them tho! Great!

    • @MilanaMay says:

      LOVE THIS!!!
      I like that you not just give the forecast like other astrologers but you actually give the spiritual and advisory side to it. thank you. Sam, you said in some video that you were doing moon readings. which mean you are explaining how each planet in the chart is affecting moon. planets after moon, before moon and with the moon… where is it?

  2. samgeppi says:

    there is a home page with large icons that say "MEMBER FORECASTS"

  3. Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    This was GREAT! It was positivity to the nth degree. Thoughts are things,results,relationships. Incredible. You are really spot on Sam using these energies to empower and take the superstition out of astrology. Look at your beahaiour created from your beliefs and change your life for the better instead of taking a passive fatalistic attitude,role. Thank you.

  4. jade says:

    hi sam
    i can relate to the disappointment and let down of all this past dec 2012 so called great energy that would help humans..however didn't really feel any 'great' difference…felt like just another hype social media was doing.
    i think i understand your reading altho abit confused ..u mentioned we have to investigate or test before we believe…how do we do that? we turn to gurus and readers because we are often clueless…but u say we need to investigate if what is being said is true??