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Vedic Astrology of Recent Terrorist Attacks

Filed in News by on January 14, 2015 • views: 24630

Vedic Astrology of Recent Terrorist Attacks

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Nigeria happened with retrograde Jupiter in Aslesha Nakshatra and with Mars either in Aquarius or about to enter Aquarius. I have heard many people confused about “how exalted Jupiter could show this”.

Vedic Astrology of Recent Terrorist Attacks – VIDEO

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Jupiter is very far from his exalted placement AND the exalted, retrograde planet can have a strong malevolent / destructive nature, as it is leads us to higher consciousness. In this case Jupiter is retrograde and in his sign of exaltation, but far away from the exact exaltation degree.

You can also recognize the strong “Jupiter” connection in these events. There is a religious fervor surrounding the events. Dogma is at the heart of these tragedies (at least in their justification). This is also of major importance as it happened in the Sagittarius Cycle, which began on the highly transformative Winter Solstice.

Mars was about to enter Aquarius on January 3, and in Aquarius on Januray 7th. Aquarius is the sign of the public domain, large causes, the global stage. These evens became World news and (especially in Paris) led to an international gathering of leaders – to rally in solidarity against terrorism and censorship.

January 3, 2015 Tithi and NakshatraWindows_7_Home_Premium_-_Parallels_Desktop 4
Boko Haram terrorist attack happened the day before the New Moon in Gemini (opposite the Sagittarius Sun / New Moon on the Solstice). This New Moon marked the midway point in that Cycle. It happened on the 14th tithi (Chaturdasi), as the Sagittarius lesson built to an emotional climax / release – the Gemini Full Moon point.

The 14th tithi is ruled by Goddess Kali (destruction), and also happened in Mrigashira Nakshatra, right before the flood / explosiveness of Ardra. These 2 Nakshatras are key to many global tragedies, including the Tsunami in 2004 – 911 Terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina and More.

First Day of Paris Attacks – January 7, 2015
On january 7, 2015 the Moon moved into a close conjunction with retrograde Jupiter in Aslesha on this day. Showing a clear alignment of the public (Moon) with a backwards moving religious fervor (Jupiter retrograde).

Sagittarius Cycle Beginning on Solstice New Moon
I discussed the intense transformational energy of the next month on the Solstice forecast a few weeks ago .. and the update where I REemphasized the importance of this cycle and for us to NOT just jump to the next thing.

As I said at the time:
New moons are time to release the toxins of the previous cycle, in this case the Scorpio cycle. This releasing is done in preparation for the next cycle, in this case the Sagittarius cycle… We are being challenged to release our imagined fears and emotional projections, which lead to controlling behavior (Scorpio), so we could embrace greater hope and possibility in Sagittarius. Once we realize we are not in control, and cannot manage our fears, we look for a higher solution and purpose.

We are being challenged to release the darkness and pain of the last six months / one year, on the solstice, the darkest night of the year. It could have been a time of physical fatigue, emotional/spiritual confusion, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, etc. All of these things, associated with the winter solstice, are in some sense designed to bring our ego to its knees, which leads to a “return of the light”, and embracing the “Devyana/Northern Course”.

Mula Nakshatra, where all of this happened, is related to planting seeds of truth, after uprooting the weeds of our entrenched habits and mistakes, which are preventing the process. This is the place where the fears of Scorpio are being transformed into the hopes of Sagittarius. But before any hope and faith can grow, we must uproot and destroy the weeds infecting our garden. That happens in Mula.

The Aftermath of This Transformative Event
This was a profound event that should have shifted something. You should be reeling a little bit right now, maybe even feeling a little confused, off-balance and questioning what’s next for you in some area of your life that needs work, at least if you are spiritually healthy. If not, you are probably doubling down on an old, worn out structure and philosophy in yourself / ego structure – in other words, delaying the inevitable changes in that same area of life.

I also mentioned on the Full Moon in Gemini

1. Are you sure what you believe in is actually “right”?
2. What “old” thing needs to be destroyed, in order to make room for “the new”.
3. Think back to 10 years ago, How are your beliefs now so different.
4. How would a greater sense of humor change the things you are stuck in?


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