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Vedic astrology update – October 25, 2013

Filed in News by on October 25, 2013 • views: 1941

Vedic astrology update – October 25, 2013

There are several important astrological issues happening now. Of course, we are in the middle of an eclipse cycle, so the nodes are important. Also, Mercury has just turned retrograde. In addition, we have several planets in the Nakshatra of Swati.

Vedic astrology update – October 25, 2013 – Video

Mercury retrograde (joined Rahu, Saturn and the Sun) in Libra
The most obvious indicator of this astrological placement is the recent uproar over the United States and the NSA spying scandal. I would say, it is about time. These disgraceful acts by the United States government are not going unnoticed, even by familiar allies: the EU. Germany, France and many other countries around the world are very displeased with the United States and Pres. Obama’s administration. This is most interesting considering the debilitated Sun (King) now. With United States being looked at as the (former) superpower/King, it is clear by these actions, that the King is being seen as a fearful and petty tyrant who does not elicit the same sort of respect/fear as he once did. The wise student of astrology will notice the effect of Saturn and Rahu on the sun to be a clear indicator of that.

Also, Mercury retrograde setbacks have plagued the affordable care act website. Certainly the affordable care act also has many qualities of exalted Saturn in Libra, taking care of others – and the weak King/ central authority/government program.

Rahu / Ketu Indications
Libra themes continue to dominate the news in one way or another. There was a crazy new story earlier this week after Facebook announced it was allowing “Beheadings” To be shown in videos, as long as they were not being used for ” Exploitational purposes” – if one could imagine a non-exploitative beheading video. However, they still 2n their policy against nudity – prompting CNN to run the headline “Beheadings but not Breasts”. This is a very “Rahu / eclipse in Libra” subject. As this writer has noted in recent months, exalted Saturn and Rahu in Libra has been bringing social issues to the forefront, including gay-rights and women’s rights.

Additionally, we have had many unusual “sea creatures”  wash ashore in the last week, Captivating our attention. These are very Rahu/ketu like in nature

Nakshatra of Swati
There are currently three planets in Swati,  Rahu, Saturn and the Sun. Retrograde Mercury is also approaching. That is a lot of energy concentrated around one 13° 20 portion of the sky. This nakshatra is related to the Hindu God Vayu, whose son, the monkey god Hanuman was the hero of the Ramayana. Hanuman is a symbol of service and concentrating our power toward an uplifting goal.

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