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Venus and Mars – Debilitated Planets

Filed in News by on August 9, 2013 • views: 12880
On August 11 Venus will move into Virgo, where she is debilitated.
On August 18 Mars will move into cancer, where he is debilitated.
Venus and Mars – Debilitated Planets – VIDEO


So, what is a debilitated planet?
It certainly doesn’t sound very good, does it?
Debilitation is part of what is called “dignity”. This is a way to evaluate the relative strength of a planet. Actually, it goes most directly to the level of intelligence and “consciousness” coming from the planet. There are group of classifications in astrology called “Avasthas”,  which measure different properties and principles of the planets. When a planet is debilitated it is in an “unconscious” state – in Sushupti Avastha.
It is often surprising for astrology students to realize that even a planet in an unconscious state may produce good results. For instance, debilitated Jupiter may give us a lot of money. Debilitated Saturn may give us a great career for a long time. However, the feeling and the level of consciousness operating with that money or in that career will still be seen by the dignity of the planet.
For instance, we may get a lot of money, but not be able to enjoy it or be able to connect to the true nature of that Jupiter, which is to expand our mind toward greater wisdom and meaning. We may have a great career, and be very successful. Yet, have no fulfillment, and be a domineering tyrants, or just clutching to a shallow form of worldly power that hides our deeper fear of being authentic /  Taking a risk /  following our heart.
Case study on debilitated Mars: Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, the great athlete, has a debilitated Mars. This may surpriseWindows_7_Home_Premium_-_Parallels_Desktop-2 you, given what you think about Mars and its connection to athletics and competition. As was said, we cannot make a hasty decision about a planet based on one thing.
In the chart of Michael Jordan, Mars is not only debilitated, it is his ruling planet. Which means, it does form a Raja yoga (A Royal Association), and basically defines his nature.
In his case it was even more powerful, being joined Rahu – who also forms Raja yoga,  aspect of by Saturn which also forms Raja yoga, etc.
But let’s examine this a little further. It would be easy to say that Michael Jordan’s debilitated Mars “doesn’t work in his case”, because he was able to defeat his adversaries and win, a big Mars goal.
But when we look a little deeper into Mars, something else is revealed.The True Nature of MarsMars is not about continually competing against our adversaries, and being driven to win at all costs ( regardless of whether we win or not). That is a dysfunctional Mars. The true nature of Mars is to fight our inner battles and fight the good fight. The reason Michael Jordan’s Mars allowed him to win and be a ruthless competitor, is because of its debilitation. In fact, it is a function of its debilitation.
Even after everyone declared Michael Jordan to be the best basketball player ever, ( including his peers) he was still not satisfied. He had to try another comeback, at an advanced age, to prove himself still again. Even at his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, he was still competing, trying to avenge old grudges. In fact, it’s pretty sad to watch, Especially in comparison to other athletes and their gracious acceptance speeches. Google “Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech” to see what I mean.
Debilitated Venus and Mars – Disrupting Relationships Mainly
When Venus is debilitated we have a hard time enjoying what we have. We may be a bit nitpicky and find fault with a lot of things. As Venus is our capacity for happiness, and it’s better when were easily pleased, ( as shown by Venus exalted in Pisces). Venus in Virgo is not so easily pleased.
Mars debilitated in Cancer brings a lot of emotions into our sense of discipline and structure. Often We vacillate between being overly aggressive (in order to prove ourselves) or an undisciplined mess. Our emotions in the moment (Cancer) are not the best support for actions (Mars). It’s very easy to experience emotional frustration when Mars is weakened.
Mars and Venus are important in romantic relationships, as they rule the self (Mars) and compromising with the other (Venus). When one is very strong or very weak, it is usually a good time to emphasize the other. For example, with Venus debilitated, it is better to emphasize more Mars actions in your relationship, more individuality, pursuing your separate goals. When Mars is weak, it’s better to pursue more Venus stuff, compromise, lovey-dovey stuff, etc.
However, when both are weak, our sense of individuality feels weak, so we try to compromise with the other – which also doesn’t feel so good –  as they get on our nerves.

So now what to do?Well, I don’t know!

The best thing is to realize you may be kind of fussy and hard to please and just accept that. Also, a good sense of humor never hurt anyone or any relationship. Realize that you may that kind of lazy and be sliding on your discipline. Be careful blaming others for it and nitpicking them over it.
Before you start blaming the other person and nitpicking them, look at yourself. That’s about the best advice I can give. I’ll even try to put it into practice myself. 🙂
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Comments (17)

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  1. toshadeva says:

    Jai Ganapati! Thank you for helping us hopefully soften our reactions during these influences. aum aum

  2. mac says:

    Forewarned, forearmed, or is that four-armed, all this Mars, especially as a major Mars cycle is starting for me at the end of the month. As always, appreciate your explanations.

  3. Janet says:

    Great! That means I'm due a Venus transit opposition Venus. Forewarned is forearmed!
    Hopefully they'll polarize and cancel each other out and nothing will happen ;o)

  4. dqmehr says:

    I always look forward to what you have to say. In Chicago – my hometown! If I had known I would have met you. Anyway, Thanks Sam

  5. kay says:

    Enlightening report as usual Sam, I have Venus in Virgo in my Ascendant, now I know I have to make a conscious effort to change. Is there any hope for me? (need a reply)

  6. Catherine says:

    Cheers Sam.
    I know I have Venus in the 1st house. As I get older, it's amazing at how much joy comes into my life because I have let go of expectations. It's true that the devil is in the details and when I apply this to concrete things, it's great, but never to my fellow human beings. Like Amma says, "a child's mind", that sense of awe.
    Good seeing you in ABQ
    All the Best

  7. kokil says:

    U always explain things so nicely Sir. It’s pure astrology wisdom that we can use to manage our daily lives. Thankyou.

  8. Kylie says:

    “Fuss fest” love it- and so true. I also feel more removed from relationship fussiness that I had 6months ago
    Yay—your vid looked so smooth. Did u have a boom or something?

  9. Heather says:

    happy for no reason is just how I feel right now. I did mention something earlier today about a punching someone in the face ……!

  10. Wende says:

    Hi Sam.. Thank you for your video its always a pleasure being part of your web community. I always so love seeing you and your astro updates. I sensed the Venus in Virgo right way on Sunday. Everyone seems more on edge, cranky and irritable more than usual. However, I feel one can turn this energy into being their very best by practicing better habits in one form of anther. Also through being more of service in our relationships without such added pressure and expectations. Although some of us may begin to feel resentful and thats where the Mars in debilitation in (s) Cancer will soon follow and support this feeling aggravated even more so.

    I'm taking some time out to enjoy being more creative.. finding something tangible to give some added happiness, this works for me in the form of ART.

    Take care Wende

  11. Jenna Hayden says:

    Thanks Sam! Good to hear your voice and commentaries!
    I like Chicago…7 hours away!

  12. atma says:

    Hari bol ! Sadasiva You are great at communicating to our western minds the wonders of the Jyotish
    I often wonder, that you must have a well placed Venus in your chart, as so many women are sending much affection your way :)….,.Rahu Mars of Canada

  13. Kristian Stoilov says:

    Well done, and well said, I feel you Sam, you are great explanator of what's going on in sky.
    For me – I am Mars ruled, and this is gonna be potentially challenge for do it the right thing, but in my chart it is 9th house transit, and Mars is exalted in the birth chart, so I think I can handle that with full glory. May be the hiss of fits will be about Venus, cause it's my sub dasha lord. 🙂
    In fact I fell last days sort of Venus in rocky mood, but thanks to astrology, I realize that, and I deal with that more psychologically to be happy with things that I have, interpersonal relationships, and of course related to Mars – what I am.
    Actually Mars will gonna be pressured by Saturn, and just imagine of that the Saturn is my main dasha lord, and is over the natal Moon right now, with Rahu. I started training which interrupted due to lack of finances(my natal Moon is my 9th house ruler, and also rules Ketu:- the training was in astrology in the associacion of my country, and takes long time: – Saturn ). It's pretty heavy transit, severe but in generally is very useful passing. I feel this like really hard, but priceless lesson, and I think I will be grateful after that.

  14. William says:

    That was really fantastic, Sam. I don't usually comment, but I have to say you definitely have added something to the astrological community by your emphasis on how much rich in-depth insight can be gained from the exaltation and debilitation points of each planet. I have gained this also from constant review of your book too. Its amazing.