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Venus Debilitated | Combust | With Rahu in Exchange With Retrograde Mercury

Filed in News by on October 11, 2014 • views: 4876

Venus Debilitated | Combust | With Rahu in Exchange With Retrograde Mercury

Venus is currently Venus Debilitated, Combust, With Rahu and in an Exchange With Retrograde Mercury. Venus is the planet we use mostly as adults when interacting with each other. Whether it is in business or romantic relationships, the main skill we use is mutual respect.

Venus Debilitated | Combust | With Rahu in Exchange With Retrograde Mercury – Video

Screenshot_5_19_14_12_59_AMVenus Debilitated | Combust | With Rahu in Exchange With Retrograde MercuryVenus

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When we are able to honor another person’s wishes equal to our own, smooth personal and business relationships follow. When we either compromise too much, and sell ourselves short – or assert our position with too much passion, both business and personal relationships suffer.

At the heart of the matter is happiness and the desire that follows the wispy promise of what  makes us happy. Beauty, love, harmony are all universal principles that has their origin in the venus principle. But how high of a price are we willing to pay for those things? Are we selling our principles down the drain to get them?

Currently these issues are confused and confusing as there are several different stresses on Venus.

Venus Debilitated in Virgo
When Venus is in Virgo we may be acutely aware of all the many reasons why we are not happy and all of the many imperfections of those around us who just don;t seem to get it. I mean really what is wrong with these people, clearly they are here to make YOU happy, right?

Venus Combust / Close to the Sun
When Venus is combust it is very close to the Sun, creating a sort of “cosmic sunburn” on these issues of respect. Think of all you do, and yet all people do is ask for more. “Combustion” is one of the “Deeptadi Avasthas”, called “Kopa” (Angry / frustrated).

Venus joined Rahu
Rahu creates confusion with these issues of self-respect and compromise with others. It also explodes desires and distorts the issues and may have you quickly accelerating and escalating things sexually with another – or frustrated because that is not happening.

Venus Exchanging with Retrograde Mercury
Venus is in Mercury’s sign and Mercury is in Venus’ sign. This exchange creates a dialogue between these two forces. Mercury shows flexibility with others and works hand in hand with Venus, as we navigate the slippery slope and ever-changing landscape of mutual desires. Given that Mercury is also retrograde now, there is confusion about how to process, communicate or understand what is being asked of us now, in relation to others.

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